Distribute the Palestinian Arabs among the Arab countries and evict the Syrians and their acolytes from Lebanon

You will come to know the truth and 
the truth will set you free (Jn 8:32)

Ever since the Palestinians, armed with the cursed Cairo Accord of 1969, decided to make of Lebanon – that sheltered and supported them, militated for their so-called "cause", since 1948, and made of it a "sacred cause" – their "substitute homeland", they ceased to be the guests of the Lebanese and became their enemies. The Lebanese, people and Authority, could have crushed, punished and scattered whatever remained of them in Lebanon all over the world, and thereby partly avenged the hardship and sorrow they made them suffer, which, if recorded, would fill huge volumes with stories of hair raising anguish and mourning. But the Lebanese are not rancorous and the law of Charity has taught them to forgive those who turned their country into a jungle ruled by terrorism and evil.

Therefore, in the name of all Lebanon, the country of Good, Generosity and Charity, we request the distribution of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians still living in Lebanon among the Arab and self-styled Arab countries.

Why and how?

In 1948, some Palestinians left their country in answer to an appeal by the so-called "League of Arab Countries" asking them to go away for a little while in order to avoid encumbering the movement of the invading Arab armies that promised to "throw the Jews in the sea and deliver the country to them clean and pure". But the armies of the "League" were routed and Israel gained in strength. And every time the Arabs attacked it, Israel defeated them and gained additional territory. In the meantime, most of the Arab countries forced their Jewish citizens to flee. As a result, more than 800,000 of them fled to Israel and many others found refuge in other countries, especially in the USA. Hence the Jews, expelled from their homes in the Arab countries, were practically as numerous as the Arabs who left Palestine in answer to the appeal of the Arab League (550,0001). But the Israelis "had invited them since 30/11/1947 [that is even before the founding of the State of Israel] to remain in their homes and participate in the building of the country. But those who were bent on destroying Israel created the problem." This is what Menahim Begin, then Prime Minister of Israel, said in his speech to the Knesset on 7/5/1979. In it he also called upon the President of the Lebanese Republic (at the time Elias Sarkis) either to come to Jerusalem, following the example of President Sadat, or to receive him in Beirut, in order to negotiate a peace treaty. Begin further undertook in his speech to distribute all the Palestinians living in Lebanon among the Arab countries, to help Lebanon build an army as strong as Israel’s and to progress in all domains.

A few hours after the broadcast of the speech, the Prime Minister (at the time Salim Hoss) declared on the air that he refused Begin’s proposition because Lebanon refuses to deal with the Israeli enemy!

1Le Monde, édition Proche Orient, 9/2/2001, p. 2.

Our officials are at the service of terrorists and for them they are ready to sacrifice Lebanon.

We shall not dwell on Begin’s speech for the time being. We will only say that our politicians are in the habit of placing, in all matters, the enemies of their people and their own interests before the welfare and the prosperity of their subjects. It is as if our people live only to serve Arafat and that our children are not entitled to a safe and peaceful life! Our children, are they not the children of the war? Haven’t they lived in its plight, under the bombs and especially under the rule of officials in the pay of Arafat, the rulers of Syria, Iran and other non-Lebanese countries who seek to control Lebanon and eventually swallow him up? And yet these officials remain in power and Lebanon remains, for as long as terrorism sees fit, in a state of war and terror!

Do the Palestinians alone have rights over Lebanon and the world, even when the Lebanese are in the throes of death?

What if Begin’s offer was accepted? Almost all our problems would have been solved… And the Palestinians themselves would have found quietude and settled peacefully in countries that belong to them – the countries that profess to be Arab – and to which they profess to belong.

Isn’t that what the two million Lebanese who were forced by the insane policy of their successive government, and the exactions of the Palestinians and Syrians, have done? With the difference that they are immigrating to countries that are foreign to them and where they are strangers. But because they participate upon arrival in developing their new homeland, these countries welcome them warmly and honor the gifted among them. Whereas the Palestinians go about in the world nagging and whimpering, while the Arab countries that defend them and consider them kinsmen are greatly under-populated!

Moreover, it is estimated that, during the last century alone, more than a hundred million people, similarly afflicted with disaster, tormented, famished, were forced to seek refuge in a foreign country under terrible conditions! In this connection, a question arises: Do the Palestinians alone have the right to return to their country, whereas every month 15 to 16 thousand Lebanese – for a population of between 3 and 4 million, this constitutes a real hemorrhage and a total demographic modification. And if we were sectarian, we would have said that there is a conspiracy to impoverish the country in order to encourage the Christians to emigrate. But in truth, the emigrants are from all religions – though with a Christian majority – and especially the cultivated among them who cannot bear to live a humiliating life. And what about the hundreds of thousands of other nationalities forced to emigrate, without the slightest objection from anyone? Are the Palestinians the descendents of djinns and magicians to monopolize so completely the solicitude and the media of the world? As for the others, the Lebanese included, it matters not if they are prey to hunger and terrorists and are condemned to suffer, emigrate and even die in silence, as long as the terrorists are satisfied!

This is what the Palestinians and their supporters demand. But Israel thinks differently: After Egypt’s demand – despite Israel’s granting all its demands to achieve peace – of a series of Palestinian "rights", Israel has lately requested the payment of several billion dollars in compensation for the Jews who were forcibly expelled from Egypt. It is now preparing to draw up files concerning the loss sustained by the Jews expelled from the other Arab countries, to present to the United Nations in addition to the demand, after the example of the Palestinians, of their "right to return" to their countries of origin under the protection of UN troops!

Yes, the Palestinians are Arabs, and the Arabs under no circumstances have forsaken them or considered them foreigners, therefore why do they not receive them in their countries and grant them their nationality?

When Arafat was a refugee in Lebanon, he repeatedly declared that "he is an Arab in an Arab country, and as such has the full right to wage his battle from Lebanon!" And his second in command – and in the destruction of Lebanon – the so-called Abu Ayyad, bellowed in addition: "The road to Kods [Jerusalem] passes through Jounieh and Ouyoun Es-Siman!"

And none of the Arabs objected, with the exception of President Sadat – and occasionally Husni Moubarak of Egypt who took the cue from his predecessor President Sadat – and King Hussein of Jordan who declared: "Hands off Lebanon!".

The people of good will among the leaders of the world stopped showing an interest towards Lebanon’s plight when they realized that none of the Lebanese officials wanted anything good for their country and their people, but on the contrary, were mobilizing all their people’s capacities within and without Lebanon to serve the enemies of Lebanon who brought and maintain them in power!

It is not surprising under these conditions to see the Arab countries constantly offering Arafat all the support he requests. We have written hundreds of articles to expose the sending of troops by the "Arab" countries to Lebanon in support of the "Palestinian Cause"!

The Palestinians, having declared without scruple that the "road to Jerusalem passes by Jounieh and Ouyoun Es-Siman", Arab mercenaries rushed to Lebanon "without authorization or approval". People often wondered why the road to Jerusalem passes through Jounieh and Ouyoun Es-Siman and not by Cairo and the other capitals of North Africa, or by Amman, Baghdad and the capitals of the Arabian Peninsula? And especially why not by the Golan? The answer is that the rulers of these countries are their people, not for Lebanon. In order to remain in power and protect their people from the threat of Israel, they hatched a conspiracy to keep Lebanon in a constant state of belligerency against Israel and thereby weaken it, terrorize its politicians and media, with the ultimate object of destroying it, while remaining very careful to avoid exposing themselves!

The speech of President Assad of July 20, 1976, is sufficiently eloquent!

If the Arab leaders would read carefully the transcript of this speech, they would know the enormity of their transgression in supporting the Syrian-Palestinian terrorism aimed at destroying Lebanon and slaughtering or banishing his people. The speech Assad delivered in the Amphitheater of the University of Damascus to the District Councils, being too long to reproduce here in full, we shall only quote these pertinent passages:

"… We gave weapons to those [the Palestinians and their Lebanese allies] who are now attacking us and denying our efforts and sacrifices… Despite all this, and despite our diplomatic effort, despite our military effort in providing weapons and ammunition in great quantities and of every sort, despite all this, the day came when the Front of Nationalist Parties [the coalition of Palestinian organizations and allied Lebanese parties] collapsed and with it collapsed the Palestinian Resistance in Lebanon. They could not stand any more on their feet. They sent us appeals … to exert a greater effort.

"Then one day, around the middle of January, if I remember correctly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs [Abdul Hamid Khaddam] contacted me saying that they telephoned him from the Aramoun Summit… the official Residence of the Mufti of the Republic where the Palestinians and their allies meet… begging him to ask me to request President Frangieh [the Lebanese President] to order a cease fire because the situation was very bad…

"I was surprised at such demands because I knew – and I am naturally the best placed to know – that the Resistance and the [Lebanese] Parties had more weapons and ammunitions than the Kataeb, the Liberal Party and the Army of Lebanon together…

"Of course the Army of Lebanon was not engaged in battle: it never played a belligerent role…

"We met here in Damascus. I met with some of our brothers in the military command and considered what could be done to save the situation. We exerted a diplomatic effort, we gave weapons, we gave ammunitions. All this is found there in plenty, but was incapable of saving the situation. Hence there was nothing left for us to do but intervene directly…

"And so we decided to intervene under the banner of the Palestinian Liberation Army. And the Palestinian Liberation Army began to enter Lebanon but no one at all knew of it…"

Indeed, by his own admission, Assad sent his troops to Lebanon without the permission of the Lebanese government and without consulting it. He continued to destroy our country, to force our people to emigrate and to slaughter them in order to make Arafat, with his support, able to make of Lebanon a substitute homeland for his refugees. Is that why we are urged to thank Syria and to deliver Lebanon gracefully to it for having allegedly saved us from the claws of Arafat? And yet, no one is ready to admit that, without Syrian and Arab support, Arafat would have been unable to achieve anything.

Thereafter Assad turned against Arafat – to whom he had given so much in order to fight on Syria’s behalf, expecting to achieve, under the cover of Palestine, his dream of "Greater Syria" – when he realized that he and his stooges were only pursuing their own interests. Since then, Assad assumed directly the reins of command in Lebanon and sought by every means to weaken our country in order to swallow it. In the meantime, our politicians, who falsely rig themselves out with a Lebanese nationality, bend backwards in expressing to Syria their gratitude, hoping thereby to justify its seizure of our destiny by hammering in our ears "the help it has so graciously offered us" – and, as far as they are concerned, that is only fair, since without this help, these politicians would never have acceded to power – and seek at the same time to make us forget that, from 1973 to 1990, Arafat and Assad plunged Lebanon in a continuous carnage, shedding blood from every family on every inch of our soil. And at present, they are inaugurating an economic carnage!

The above passages should allow us to understand why Arafat has such an ascendancy over the Arab and Islamic countries as he solicits their support, while bellowing at the same time curses against those who fail to offer him unconditional support. But when we tell the Arabs: settle the Palestinians down on your soil so that we, and they also, could rest; and instead of spending billions of dollars to destroy us and the world, including the Palestinians, spend your money to provide them with homes and a decent and prosperous life, our politicians – cowardly when the interest of Lebanon is at stake, but intrepid in the service of his enemies – roar louder than all the others: "Let Israel take them!"

Is it conceivable that Israel, now enduring the presence of a million and a half Palestinians on its soil, many of whom are hostile and aware that by the year 2050 they will constitute 70% of its population2, could accept to receive any more?

No! Certainly not! Moreover, the civilized world, in admiration before Israel who, in so short a time rose to become one of the pioneers of civilization, technology and military power, will never abandon him, especially when his neighbors excel only in terrorism and destruction! Furthermore, the international community is convinced that the "right to return" [to Israel] is equivalent to drowning him in a sea of numbers, prelude to drowning him in the sea.

In this connection another question arises: Why does the Arab and Muslim Arafat, instead of turning to the Arab and Islamic countries to provide him with arms and fighters to destroy and kill, ask them to receive warmly all their Arab and Moslem Palestinian brothers who lack the blessing of civilization?

2Le Monde, édition Proche Orient, 9/2/2001, p. 2.

Consequently, the Palestinians risk to remain in Lebanon forever!

Now, the whole world competes at offering the Palestinians financial, political and media support… At present, once more fully armed, they are returning to stage demonstrations in the heart of our capital Beirut, dragging our children away from their schools to the streets to call upon the world to wage an armed jihad in support of their so-called "sacred cause"! The tragically comical in all this is that Lebanon is the only country in the Region made of its children scapegoats that join the Palestinians in burning foreign flags, pollute our atmosphere with their hatred and destroy our cities, murder our children – including the baby Maya Bashir Gemayel, whose murder no one deplored, whereas President Clinton himself shed tears upon one of the Palestinian children! – our religious dignitaries – including Cheikh Nizar Halabi of the "Ahbach" faction who was killed and Cheikh Taha Sabounji, the Mufti of Tripoli who narrowly escaped their ambush –, nuns – Sister Antoinette Zaydan who was tortured and mutilated before being killed –, and judges – 4 of whom were assassinated in their courtroom –, and no one dare utter a word of protest! On the contrary, the media of the whole world, and not only from the "Gulf to the Ocean" doesn’t dry up speaking in great detail of every Palestinian casualty, but no one ever hears of the massacres of Damour, Tripoli, Beirut, Zahleh, the Beqaa, the Chouf… And we see the faces of the criminals Abu Mehgen and Abul Aynayn, fugitives duly convicted and condemned to death for several murders, splashed almost daily on our TV screens, whereas these same screens are denied to the upright!

Our ego-politicians and their so-called "brothers"who abuse of the force of power and of money to jail our children and torture them, or approve of their torture, inside and outside our country because they "dared" to militate for the rights of the Lebanese; these sordid politicians who exist, work and sacrifice everything in order to realize the dream of Arafat and the Arab and Islamist extremists: to wipe Lebanon before Israel off the map – isn’t that why President Amin Gemayel annulled the so-called May 17 Accord (1983), after it was voted almost unanimously by our deputies on 15/5/1983, and that, after our people in the South welcomed the advancing Israeli troops with showers of rice and flowers? Basing ourselves on the "criterion of criterions" of the Gospels that says: "It is from their fruits that you will know them", we ask two questions, the first to President Gemayel: what were the fruits of this annulment? Let him be good enough to answer: All the fruits of Evil: excess of destruction, of massacres, annulment of liberty, elimination of official institutions… up until 1988, the year General Michel Aoun acceded to power. The people who supported and loved the General for his piety, his culture, his honesty and love of Lebanon, proved that they were against his predecessor’s system of government. The General’s successors exiled him in order not to disturb their "tranquillity". As for Etienne Sacre (Abu Arz), he was condemned to 17 years hard labor, no doubt for the crime of refusing to utter a word against Lebanon, or to do anything that betrays his beliefs or action!

The second question is this: Now that our people, after consuming the rotten fruits of the Taef Accord, have developed all sorts of maladies: When will the upright in Lebanon definitely reject this cursed accord? Fortunately, Patriarch Sfeir, Archbishop Aoudé and other personalities are now raising their voices to request the implementation of the UN Security Council Decision 520 that stipulates the withdrawal of all foreign troops and armed non-Lebanese militias from Lebanon…

Isn’t it time for our politicians to think, at least once, of the interest and the welfare of their country, and piously and lovingly seek remedies to the impoverishment and the forced emigration of their people? Let them borrow the courage, if they don’t have it, to tell the Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Bengalis, Algerians, Ben Laden thugs… and all the terrorists spread all over Lebanon: Enough is enough! Go away from our country!?

Lebanon with an area of only 10,452 km2 has to support, in addition of his population, two million Syrian, Palestinian and other foreigners.

And if we wish to elaborate, we could say that Lebanon’s 10,452 km2 is equivalent to 1/9 of Jordan’s area (92,000 km2), 1/18 of Syria’s (185,000 km2), 1/42 of Iraq’s (343,000 km2), 1/96 of Egypt’s (one million km2), 1/163 of Libya’s (1,760,000 km2), 1/205 of Saudi Arabia’s (2,150,000 km2), 1/227 of Algeria’s (2,380,000 km2), etc. And most of the Arabs refuse to sell us even one inch of their immense land, while we sell, sell, sell, sell our tiny land!

Our ego-politicians rack their brains to invent additional justifications to sell more of our land – already too exiguous for our population – to foreigners! Our Prime Minister promised, during his last visit to the Gulf countries, to enact a new law to this effect. And what is worse, they grant the Lebanese nationality wholesale: it was recently granted to about half a million Palestinians and other foreigners by decree! Haven’t they granted it to enough Palestinians before this criminal decree in order to grant it secretly and in bulk to an undetermined number of them? And the Syrian who crossed illegally our unprotected border, haven’t they a homeland 18 times larger than ours and so much less densely populated to return to, in order to need Lebanese citizenship?

In the meantime, the Lebanese citizenship is denied to those who have a natural right to it. And our government even denies the right to Lebanese citizens travelling or working abroad to vote, contrary to what is done in all civilized countries.

In his famous speech (of 20/7/1976), President Assad assured that our war was neither sectarian nor between Lebanese, but between Lebanese and foreigners – and that is what we have always maintained. This means that the foreigners – his partisans and the Palestinians – who dubbed it "civil war" did everything in their power to make it so! In this same speech, President Assad mentioned that more than a million persons found refuge in his country to escape the war in Lebanon. This includes, he added, about half a million Lebanese, 150,000 Palestinians and half a million Syrians who were working in Lebanon. Doesn’t this mean that Assad considered these Syrians, as escapees from a country that has become their own!… He found that this number, which is equivalent to 1/9 of the Syrian population, enormous and reminded that India waged a war to expel 10 million Bengladesh citizens who sought refuge in India, although their proportion did not exceed 1/60 that of India’s! But Assad did not regard significantly cumbersome the presence of more than two and a half million foreigners in Lebanon – including 1,850,000 Syrians in 1997, i. e. a proportion of one to two!– when he urged to grant 500,000 of them the Lebanese nationality.

All the countries in the Region have either established relations with Israel or concluded peace treaties with it. And only Lebanon is condemned to suffer oppression, sorrow, emigration, the obligation of its leaders to obey blindly orders dictated to them, whereas any independent initiative by the Lebanese is denied.

And as a final step, Lebanon is summoned to renounce his identity and be swallowed by Syria, Iran and Palestine! And our politicians actively contribute to the triumph of this conspiracy. All our sacrifices and the blood of about 100,000 of our martyred children, of the thousands of disabled, the tears of widows and orphans, are nothing in their eyes compared to the "hardships" consented by our henchmen whom we are constantly urged to "thank" for having decimated, impoverished, destroyed us, and continue to do everything they can to deprive us of peace, comfort and happiness!

General Sharon is not responsible for the events of Sabra and Chatila.

In Lebanon there are factions that fight, stir up hatred and call for the "jihad to drown the Lebanese in their sea and throw Israel in the sea of Gaza", and join Arafat in demanding the prosecution of General Ariel Sharon before an international Court of crimes against humanity for a battle that, according to the Lebanese official reports, Arafat staged from beginning to end, and through the media called it a "massacre"; and shored it with horrible pictures his thugs had taken during the 25 years of genocide they perpetrated against the Lebanese! And all this in order to prevent General Sharon from realizing the salvation of Israel, Lebanon and the world from terrorism, and from preventing Arafat and his terrorists from achieving their dream of making Lebanon their "substitute homeland"! (We have documents proving that Arafat was ready to stage a coup d’état against Lebanon on August 4, 1982, but was thwarted by the Israeli operation of June 6 that seized from the PLO enough weapons to drown Lebanon in a blood bath, they inaugurated when they began hostilities against us and which they were determined to pursue indefinitely!)

The Americans and the Europeans backed the executioners of Lebanon, not to his supporters, while they sent the best of their youth to fight for the people of Kuwait and the Albanians of Kosovo!

Consequently, whereas the Press in Europe and America filled their pages with horror at the simple mention of Sabra and Chatila – while continuing to call them "prime centers of international terrorism" –, they occasionally remembered the poor Lebanese who were kidnapped by Palestinian thugs and often tortured to death only because they loved their country. Then suddenly, and as if by magic, the western press made a complete turn about and became the ingenious apologist of those whose crimes terrified the world and the prosecutor of the only man – Ariel Sharon – who realized that the salvation of his country cannot be obtained without the salvation of Lebanon. And Lebanon, to whom they owe their faith, the alphabet, the laws, and, in short, practically the bulk of their civilization, abandoned to be devastated by the whole world, was considered unworthy to benefit from this operation of salvation, whereas the terrorist Arafat, absolved from the crimes he and his henchmen committed, was granted the Nobel Prize for Peace! In this respect, we can only bend in admiration to the "genius" of Arafat who succeeded in beguiling the world to the point of turning his lies to truths and his crimes to heroic actions, our truths to lies and our heroic actions to crimes! A great miracle of prestidigitation was truly accomplished by his petrodollarized hands!

There are no Lebanese who do not realize – other than the politicians, who do not want to realize! – that the conspiracy against Lebanon is aimed at emptying him of his people in preparation of an anschluss that would annex him to Syria! (We shall treat this subject in a separate article.)

And what crime have the people of our South committed that they should continue to live in fear, poverty and sorrow?

When "Hizballah" (Party of God) was founded, its founders declared straight out that "their aim is to turn Lebanon into an Islamic State on the Iranian model!" We ask them – after paying homage and praying for the souls of all the martyrs of Lebanon from every corner of our land who fell in the field of honor – has Christ and Christianity been harmful that they wish to expel them from Lebanon? And especially from our South where He lived, taught and healed? And the Koran that glorified Christ and said of Him that "He is the Word of God and His Spirit", are they ready to deny their Holy Book?

And now that Israel has withdrawn – after all its politicians repeatedly declared that they did not covet a single inch of Lebanese territory, and who, accordingly, did not erect a single colony on our soil, as they did in all the territories they conquered – why do they not cease to bombard Israel across our border? And those who insist upon fighting Israel, why do they not turn the Golan into a battlefield?

And the farms of Cheba’a, we certainly wish to retrieve them, but why not through negotiations? And why should our Army not deploy in our South in order to have every Southerner feel that Lebanon is his country now and for ever?

Historians are unanimous to say that the frontiers of the Palestinians, or more properly of the Philistines, rarely extended beyond the limits of their five cities: Ashdod, Gaza, Askalon, Akron and Gat, and for this reason their country was called "Quintapolis". As all countries, the boundaries of the Quintapolis sometimes extended beyond the limits of its cities, while at other times it was completely wiped out – as in the days of Fakhr Eddin the Great, whose Lebanon extended from Cilicia in the North to Egypt’s Arish in the South and beyond Palmyra to the Euphrates in the East.

Palestine and its neighboring countries are today the creation of the international diplomacy of the twentieth century that, as if by chance, gnawed a large part of the Natural Lebanon to satisfy his North-East neighbor and, especially, traced their boundaries to satisfy the appetite of the dominating powers as they were partitioning the Ottoman Empire regardless of historical and natural considerations!

The Palestinians excelled throughout their history only in destruction – from the destruction of Ugarit and the arson of Sidon… in the XIVth-XIIIth century BC… to the present criminal conspiracy against Lebanon – and never gratified mankind with a single genius who did something to advance civilization.

Moreover, not once were the Palestinians mentioned by Christ or by the New Testament. Nor did the Koran mention them or "Al-Kods" (Jerusalem), while it mentions Israel 52 times as a people chosen by God with whom He made a pact He will never violate! And yet Christians and Muslims continue to die in order to palestinianize the world, by sowing hatred and terror!

And Lebanon that was forced to proclaim his arabity – whereas History tells us that he is Lebanese (we have a 150-page manuscript on this subject) –, do his politicians realize that Arabity has turned him into a battlefield for the Arabs to discharge their rancor against each other?

Are his rulers aware that not a single bullet was fired against Israel from an Arab country, and especially from the Golan, nor was a single Syrian bullet fired to "defend" Lebanon from those they call enemies when they were attacking him? That the Syrians never allowed any Palestinian to throw even a pebble across their border with Israel? In the meantime, all the Arabs, including Syria and Arafat, are negotiating with Israel. Only Lebanon is denied the right to negotiate and to determine his fate or even to choose his mode of living! And our people are forced to accept the behavior of such rulers, to obey them and to carry their yoke?

Are we saying all this because we hate the Arabs and reject their fraternity? No, not at all! We hate no one and our catchword is Love. But have we not the right to defend Lebanon on behalf of all the Lebanese, and the right to live in comfort and peace? Have we not the right to rid ourselves of the sham "fraternity" of whoever wishes to deprive our people of these rights – and that is exactly what some of the Arabs have been doing throughout the past half century – and choose brothers, Arabs or not, among the peoples who uphold our rights, aid us to recover them when they are despoiled, and to anchor them in our hearts, as we seek to achieve prosperity, sovereignty and happiness for Lebanon?

Before Syria, supported by the Palestinians, can achieve the Anschluss and swallow up our country, and the time of regrets is past, we adjure you, the great of Lebanon, our spiritual leaders, let us, for the love of God, Lebanon and the whole Region, stop talking about the Palestinians and their problems – haven’t they enough supporters in the world? And let us also stop talking about the Arabs until we can say about them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

And you, our officials, appointed by foreigners, is half a century of palestinianization, syrianization, arabization and their sequels of wars and distress not enough for you?

Our people are fed up with pauperization, coercion and emigration!

Our people are fed up with being tortured, jailed, murdered!

Oh, Most Reverend Prelates, join us in telling our politicians:


Alfred and May MURR

President of the Academy of Lebanese Thought

A memorandum distributed by May Murr to the Patriarchs and Bishops, heads of the Churches of the Middle East on the occasion of the Synod of 20-21 November, 2000, held in Bkerké, seat of the Maronite Patriarcate. This memorandum was revised and developed by Alfred and May Murr and presented to the Christian Prelates in its final form.