You will come to know the truth and
the truth will set you free (Jn 8:32).

From a land that is ours, which God shaped in a way as to emerge as the royal part of his land, the "Land of El", where he planted with his hands the "Cedars of El" (Ps 80:11; 104:16-17); a land upon which He blew his Spirit so that the flowers of thought and humanism can blossom, the Lebanese propagated throughout the world the ardor of Faith, the rush of Love and the Hope in a humanity worthy of its Creator. They preached the Trinity God: Father, Son and Spirit of Life, faith in the "immortality of the essential man", who will be rewarded and punished... Their ethics, a true ascent towards heaven, is inspired by a "Decade" or ten principles: "the knowledge of God, joy, continence, endurance, justice, goodness that shares, truth, good accompanied by life and light..." Our ancestors handed down to mankind what they received from their Creator and what they invented: the Alphabet, house of thought, preceded and prepared by all the writing instruments and the bases of knowledge, namely: the various forms of literature and literary styles; the Arts, incarnation of beauty: Sculpture, painting, architecture, Music... and their scientific discoveries, from Astronomy to Atomic science and everything that provides the comforts of life...

Our ancestors outdid themselves at the side of the inhabitants of a land which is the twin of their own, who sought to discover the substance of heavenly matters, and prophesied the advent of a Redeemer for mankind, inviting, while awaiting him, all men to pray, worship the Creator and perform good deeds.

Of this Land of El, torch of Love, of divinity and prophecy, center of Verity, Good and Beauty, and of its illustrious children... we now wish to speak, our heart and pen full of awe, anxiety and revolt... And above all, we wish to clamor: "First let us love Lebanon alone" – to use Dr. Mohammed Mughrabi's words – and he will teach us how to love all humanity.

* * *

Now that the hour of truth has come, it is no more permissible to remain idle, eyes closed and silent before all the iniquity, torture, massacres that befell our people, the arson that blackened their faces, the streams of blood that submerged them, the criminal attempts against good living, human dignity, the sacraments, and to stand resigned in a climate still full of injustice, adversity and terror!

Let us start by asking ourselves what were the main causes that led to the war.

Why did the Palestinians attack the country that sheltered and loved them, killed its people: men and women, young and old, demolished their houses, expelled from their land the remaining of its inhabitants?

The little we shall say will give a pale image of what, to be sure, will be said one day. We are saying it in the hope that it will contribute to retrieve Lebanon from the abyss of perdition in which he was thrown and which threatens to do him in!

Ever since the Palestinians, armed with the cursed Cairo Accord of 1969 – our people have already accused our politicians who ratified it of high treason –, decided to make of Lebanon – who sheltered, nurtured and supported them since 1948, fought for their "cause" and made of it a "sacred cause" – their substitute homeland, they ceased to be the guests of the Lebanese and became their enemies.

The Lebanese, people and Authority, could have crushed, punished and scattered their remnants all over the world, and thereby avenged a small part of the hardship and sorrow they made them suffer which, if recorded, would fill huge volumes with stories of hair raising distress and horror. But the Lebanese are not rancorous and the Law of Charity has taught them to forgive those who plunged their country in the law of the jungle, terrorism and evil.

We therefore, in the name of all Lebanon, country of Goodness, Pardon and Love, propose the distribution of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in Lebanon and who say they are Arabs, among the Arab and self-styled Arab countries who dispose of a territory larger than a Europe and quarter, and some of which is very thinly inhabited!

Why and wherefore was this atrocious and interminable war?

In 1948, some Palestinians left their country in answer to an appeal by the so-called "League of Arab States" asking them to leave their land momentarily in order to give the invading Arab armies a free hand to "throw the Jews in the sea" and return it to them "pure". But the armies of the "League" were routed and Israel gained in strength. And every time the Arabs attacked it, Israel defeated them and acquired additional territory. By and by, Israel rose to become one of civilization's vanguard States.

In the meantime, most of the Arab countries forced their Jewish compatriots to emigrate. As a result, about 800,000 of them emigrated to Israel and many others found refuge in other countries, especially in the USA. Hence the Jews, expelled from their homes in the Arab countries were more numerous – according to trustworthy statistics (550,000 Le Monde, Near East edition, 9/2/2001, p. 2) – than the Palestinians who responded to the appeal of the League and left their land voluntarily. "The Israelis appealed to them, since 30/11/1947, to remain and join them in building their country. But they opted for the destruction of Israel. It is them who created the problem." This is what Prime Minister Menahim Begin said in his speech to the Knesset on 7/5/1979. In it he also invited the President of the Lebanese Republic (at the time Elias Sarkis) to come to Israel following the example of President Sadat, or receive him in Beirut, in order to negotiate a peace treaty. Begin further undertook in his speech to distribute all the Palestinians living in Lebanon among the Arab countries, and also to help Lebanon build an army almost as strong as Israel's and to progress in all domains.

A few hours after the broadcast of the speech, President Sarkis, responded through Salim Hoss, then Prime Minister, that he refuses the offer because Lebanon does not deal with the Israeli enemy! The result: a war that started in 1975 and has never really stopped, bringing sorrow and iniquity.

The day when our true history will be written, our politicians will not rank among the heroes!

Our politicians in office are at the service of those who terrorize them, and for them, they are ready to sacrifice Lebanon and his people.

We shall not dwell at present on this cowardly response. We will only say that almost all the politicians who held office since the so-called Independence (1943) were of the basest kind and in the habit of preferring, in all matters, their personal interest to that of their people, their welfare and prosperity. One would think that we lived through the past third of a century, and still live, only to serve Arafat and Assad and that our children are not entitled to a safe and peaceful life! Our children are they not the children of the war? Have they not lived in its ambience and under the bombs and especially under the regime of officials in the pay of Arafat, the rulers of Syria, Iran and other foreign powers, who aspire to enslave Lebanon or swallow him up? And yet they remain in power! Whereas the eminent thinkers and heroes are condemned to oblivion, and Lebanon remains, for as long as terrorism sees fit, in a climate of war and terror!

Do the Palestinians alone have rights over Lebanon and the world with its more than 100 million displaced persons, while the Lebanese are in the throes of death?

What would have happened if our politicians accepted Begin's offer? We would have known peace and almost all our problems would have been solved... And the Palestinians distributed and settled peacefully in the Arab countries that belong to them and to which they belong would have found shelter and quietude.

Isn't that what have done the two million Lebanese – hence half our population – forced to emigrate by their government's insane pro-Arab policy and the Palestinian and Syrian exaction? With the difference that they emigrated to countries that are foreign to them and to which they are foreign. But because they participated, from the start in the development of their new homeland, these countries welcome them warmly, particularly the gifted among them. In the meantime the Palestinians go about in the world nagging and whimpering after self-declared rights to which they are not entitled and which they can never obtain – beginning with that of wiping Israel off the map –, but which Arafat persists in demanding, rendering them unacceptable, perhaps with the precise object of having them refused in order to continue, with his clique, to hoard power and the flood of money poured by the Arabs. At any rate, this has led some of his close associates to resign, and raised mild remonstrations from some Arab donor States. And yet Arab rulers and people continue to inoculate them with injections of hatred in order to keep vociferation their daily bread, whereas some of the countries that support them and consider them kinsmen are greatly under-populated and in dire need of manpower!

In this connection, a question arises: Are the Palestinians alone entitled to return to their land, and until then to live at the expense of the UNRWA, hence of the world, whereas it is estimated that more than 100 million persons were forcibly displaced during this century, and are living in terrible conditions. Among these are more than 2 million Lebanese – equivalent, as we already said, to half our population of 4 million – who emigrated in the past thirty years alone, and are followed every month by some fifteen to sixteen thousand – thereby causing a frightful demographic hemorrhage –, to be replaced by an equal number of nondescript strangers, come to work and drain away to their countries, especially Syria, billions of dollars, without allowing anyone to object! If we were fanatical sectarians, we would have said that there is a conspiracy to impoverish Lebanon in order to drive away the Christians. In reality, however, the emigrants are of all denominations – although Christian in majority – and their common denominator is that they refuse to lead a humiliating life. And what about all the other displaced persons in the world? Not a single word is said about their plight!

Are the Palestinians the descendents of djinns and magicians to monopolize the solicitude and the media of the world so completely? Is it fair that all the other expatriates – ours included – be forced to emigrate, while those who remain are prey to hunger, to the cruelty of terrorists, to be tortured and killed in silence as long as it pleases terrorism?

The Palestinians and their supporters answer: Yes, we have all the rights! But Israel thinks differently. We read in the press that Egypt – despite the fact that Israel fulfilled all her conditions in order to establish peace – demanded a series of "rights" for the Palestinians. Israel retorted by requesting several billion dollars as indemnity for the damage to the Jews forcibly driven out of their homes in the Arab countries, and is preparing files regarding the damages incurred, to present to the UN. They are demanding at the same time, in the manner of the Palestinians, the "right to return" to their countries of origin, under the protection of UN troops!

Yes, the Palestinians never cease to proclaim that they are Arabs and the Arabs under no circumstances have contradicted or forsaken them or considered them foreigners, therefore why will they not receive the Palestinians still in Lebanon and treat them as full fledged citizens?

When Arafat was a refugee in Lebanon, he never ceased to proclaim that he is "an Arab in an Arab country and so has the full right to wage his battle from Lebanon"! And this is another of the great afflictions brought to us by our politicians who affiliated us to Arabity. Moreover, his second in command – and in the destruction of Lebanon – the so-called Abu Ayyad, bellowed in addition: "The road to Qods-Jerusalem passes through Jounieh and Ouyoun Es-Siman!"

And the Arabs – with the exception of President Sadat and King Hussein who sometimes warned: "Stop demolishing Lebanon" –, never disagreed!

Thereafter the well-meaning among the rulers of the world ceased to care for Lebanon when they realized that his officials cared not for the welfare of their subjects, but on the contrary, mobilized all the capacities of Lebanon, within the country and overseas, to serve his enemies who propelled them to power and continue to support them!

Thereupon, it is not surprising to find the Arab countries continuously lavishing on Arafat billions of petrodollars and everything he asks for. There are hundreds of articles written by us and our fellow militants to underscore the sending of battalions by the Arabs to uphold the so-called "Palestinian cause"! And the Arab mercenaries, headed by Syrian army detachments, rushed to Lebanon "without authorization or approval". We often wondered why the road to Jerusalem does not pass through Cairo and the other capitals of North Africa, or Amman, Baghdad and the capitals of the Arabian Peninsula? And especially why not through the Golan? The answer is that the rulers of these countries wish to remain popular with their subjects and have not the slightest worry for the Lebanese! It was clear that the aim of the conspiracy was, and still is, to destroy Lebanon, force his people to emigrate, terrorize his officials, his media, his elite... until they are unable to defend themselves.

And then? Lebanon will be delivered to those who plotted to swallow him up!

President Hafez Assad's famous speech of July 20, 1976 is sufficiently eloquent in this respect.

If the Arab rulers read it attentively, they will discover the enormity of their crime in supporting the Syrian-Palestinian terrorism aimed at destroying Lebanon and massacring or banishing his people. The improvised speech – which explains a certain inconsistency in the text – being too long, we shall reproduce here only the most pertinent passages.

"We gave weapons to those who now attack us and contest our efforts and sacrifices [the Palestinians and their allies] ... But in spite of that and in spite of our diplomatic effort and our military effort, consisting in providing them with arms and ammunition in great quantities and of all kinds, one of these days the Nationalist Front [the Palestinians and their accomplices] collapsed and the Palestinian Resistance [the conglomerate of Palestinian gangs and their acolytes] in Lebanon, collapsed. They could not withstand the pressure any more. They sent us appeals [...] to exert additional efforts.

"Then one day of mid-January, if I remember correctly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs [Abdul Hamid Khaddam] contacted me to say that they phoned him from the Aramoun [where the Mufti resides and where the Palestinians and their allies meet] Summit... asking him to beg me to request President Frangieh [of Lebanon] to stop the hostilities because the situation was desperate...

"I was surprised by these appeals because I knew – and I was naturally well placed to know – that the Resistance and the Parties [Nationalist] had more hardware and ammunition than the Kataeb, the Liberals and the Lebanese Army combined.

"Besides, the Lebanese Army was not engaged in the fighting nor played any belligerent role...

"We met here in Damascus. I deliberated with some of the brothers of the military staff to see what could be done to save the situation. We exerted a diplomatic effort, we sent weapons, we gave ammunition. All that was accumulated there but did not save the situation. The only thing left for us was to interfere directly...

"We therefore decided to enter under the appellation of Palestinian Army of Liberation. And so the Palestinian Army of Liberation made its entry without anybody's knowledge..."

Hence, of his own admittance, Assad sent his troops to Lebanon without the approval of the Lebanese officials. But why did they not stop him, since our Army was still powerful and capable? The people know the answer. It now remains for the pens of historians to divulge it!

Assad continued to aid Arafat to destroy our country, to force us to emigrate and to slaughter our people so that Arafat could, with his help, make Lebanon his "substitute homeland".

Is it for this that we are asked to thank Syria for having, they say, "saved" us from the claws of Arafat? For having, they say, stopped the so-called "civil war" – which, in reality, was, as in 1860, a war of foreigners, Arabs, especially Syrian and Palestinian on our land and against us, and it was they who gave it the stamp of civil war by creating artificial feuds between our compatriots – and all this to surrender Lebanon to Arafat! Still, no one is willing to acknowledge that, without the support of Syria and the Arabs, Arafat would have not been able to accomplish anything! And no one asks why Arafat, the Syrians and the other Arabs are fighting the Lebanese? Has Lebanon become another Israel that must be eliminated at all cost? Yes, but with a Christian face. And he constituted a rampart against their invasion of the world.

To these questions, here is our answer: All of them knew full well that they were waging against Lebanon a war of attrition, because they were powerless against the Hebrew State, and only the elimination of Lebanon would facilitate the task of defeating Israel!

At present, the Syrian leaders announce that they will withdraw from Lebanon only if the Lebanese government requests them to do so. This means whenever they desire, since the Lebanese officials are Syrian stooges!

These words, the Syrians repeat them willingly, as they look down upon us, humiliate and stifle us, as if we were their serfs, hence without importance. They boast that "they invaded Lebanon without anyone's permission and will withdraw in the same manner", that is whenever they see fit to do so!

In this connection, the Syrian President (Assad Junior) declared blatantly in early February 2001, to the Ash-Shark Al-Awsat newspaper: "The Syrian army will remain in Lebanon until peace is established in the Middle East," and not before the Lebanese government requests it officially. It goes without saying that the Lebanese government will never make such a request because the Syrian withdrawal would inevitably lead to drive them out of power!

But the Lebanese government has already twice requested Syrian withdrawal, while it was still able to do so [under the pressure of the Israelis who threatened to withdraw only conjointly with the Syrians and other non-Lebanese militias]: During the Summit of 1982 held in Fes, President Elias Sarkis officially requested from the heads of State present, the withdrawal of Syrian troops alongside the other troops forming the Arab Dissuasion Force. Then, in September 1982, President Amine Gemayel sent a letter to President Assad informing him that he addressed a letter to the Secretary General of the Arab League confirming his request of the withdrawal of Israeli and all non-Lebanese forces from Lebanon. But these requests remained unheeded, just as was the UNSC decree 520. And ever since, everybody clamors in unison the implementation of the obsolete decree 425 (since it was replaced by the 520) which the Syrians apply only as they see fit! And everybody understood that the Syrians will withdraw only when they wish: never, if possible!

These facts were underscored by R. Father Salim `Abou, Rector of the Saint Joseph University in his outstanding speech of 19/3/2001, published in the press!

No, the Syrians did not enter Lebanon to leave again, since he represents the principal part of what was the "Land of El" or "Lebanon-Phoenicia" – and what, notwithstanding his people and regardless of geography and history they call "Greater Syria" – whose extensions are Syria, Israel, Palestine, parts of Jordan, Iraq and a tip of Turkey. And because Lebanon stands at the head of the countries that must be acquired, the Syrian officials never accepted to have diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Syria. Everybody, starting with our politicians feign to ignore that most of these countries were, historically, a part of Lebanon-Phoenicia or Canaan-Phoenicia, as is shown in the maps of Antiquity (cf. the map of G. Rawlinson in his book History of Phoenicia. Annex 1: map). Whereas Syria and Palestine were known by these names only in relatively recent times, that is, since Herodotus (1, 105; 7, 89), a foreign historian, gave them these names. Strabo also assures (15, 3, 23) that "even Homer [whom we have proved, along with others, was from Tyre and that he lived in the IXth century BC] never knew this quite recent appellation [Syria]..." Our politicians, however, do not know our history and geography – because our schools are not allowed to teach our patrimony –, otherwise they would know that Syria is the hinterland of Lebanon, and more precisely, the hinterland of Tyre (Sour), and not the opposite, as was proved by eminent historians, from St Jerome to Rawlinson (History of Phoenicia), B. Fleming (History of Tyre, 1915) and Bérard (The Phoenicians and the Odyssey, I, pp. 251 ff.). And this also is confirmed by our geography: Our mountains are the highest in the region (3088m), and the mountains of Syria and Israel branch from them and prolong them; from here flow the streams and rivers that irrigate the neighboring countries, Syria in particular. Rivers are among the principal elements that demarcate the natural territory of a country. The Orontes (`Assi), for example, has its source in Lebanon and irrigates Lebanon, Syria and Turkey up to Antioch, Christianity's first capital (Ac, 11:19-26). This especially applies to the Jordan, the holiest river, that irrigates the Land of Christ and was called "Lebanon's first born" (Martin, History of Lebanon, pp. 42, 46). We could say that this also applies to the Barada and the A'waj... that irrigate Damascus and its Ghouta...

Up until not so long ago, namely, the arrival of the Arabs to our region (cf. Hitti, Lebanon in History, pp. 234-235), the cities of Syria, including Damascus, were dependencies of Lebanon, or of "Lebanese (or Second) Phoenicia", whereas "Coastal (or First) Phoenicia" comprised the coastal cities up to "Lattaquieh of Lebanon" and the mountains that surmount them (Martin, History of Lebanon, pp. 125 ff.). Damascus often preceded Emesa (Homs) as the principal city of the Lebanese Phoenicia (interior); Palmyra was also an important city. We know that St John Chrysostom (IVth century) used to correspond with the Metropolitan of Damascus and called his city Metropolis of Lebanon or of Interior Phoenicia. Romanus the Melodic (VIth century) did the same. And up to the XIXth century, it was called Damascus of Lebanon (Martin, HL, p. 68).

However, wars and politics changed the data and the situation knew ups and downs until the coming of Fakhr Eddin the Great who realized the first natural geographic unity in modern times. The Sultan was forced to give him the title of Wali Arabistan (= Land of the Arabs, extending from Cilicia in the North, to Arish of Sinai, in the South), which Fakhr Eddin refused categorically, and kept his official titles: Prince of Lebanon, of Sayda and Galilee or Prince of Phoenicia. (Cf. Muhammad Al-Muhibbi, Summary of the History of the Great of the XIth century (H), I, p. 386).

While knowing these historical facts, we never sought to assert our original rights, since we know that a father having several children distributes his legacy equitably among them. But if one of the heirs seeks to grab more than his share of the heritage, then hatred and quarrels, even wars, settle between him and the other heirs. The consequences of the feud can only be inauspicious to all. As for the Syrians, they shamelessly set out to claim what only partially belonged to them.

The covetousness of the Syrian rulers to hoard everything has indeed impoverished their country and rendered their people miserable, perhaps more than it has impoverished Lebanon and rendered him and other neighboring countries miserable!

And because our patrimony is one of Love, we shall not return evil with evil, but with all the benefits of Love.

But let us now return to our subject.

Thereafter, Assad turned against Arafat to whom he had given so much in order to work, nominally for Palestine, but in reality for the accomplishment of Assad's dream of "Greater Syria".

And when Assad realized that Arafat and his acolytes were working for their own, he assumed the reins of command in Lebanon and sought in every way to weaken Arafat, and Lebanon even more, in order to swallow him up! In the meantime the politicians who rig themselves up with the Lebanese nationality, vie with each other to pile praises and thanks upon Syria and to constantly justify her seizure of our destiny for the "help it has generously provided us" – nothing surprising in this, since, without this help, they would never have acceded to power –; hoping thereby to make the Lebanese forget that between 1973 and 1990, Arafat and Assad staged a continuous genocide in Lebanon that shed blood from every family and on every inch of our soil. Today, it is a social, economic and especially an ideological carnage that they are imposing upon us in order to finish us up!

And the Palestinians, according to specialized books on terrorism, made of our country the "starting point, then the base, of international terrorism". In 1982, General Ariel Sharon, in order to save his country, and on the rebound our own, from terrorism (cf. Annex II), had disarmed them and expelled from Lebanon towards Tunisia. But they were allowed to return, fully armed and ready to undertake new bloody operations. And what is strange and causes anger, is that none of our politicians objected to their return. And now they form zones of insecurity in their encampments, where thousands of fighters are poised to attack Lebanon and other countries at the first opportunity (Annex III).

Already the Israeli salvation operation was turned by the No1 terrorist into a criminal operation and massacres that were the century's most spectacular. And all the media and politicians exalted the greatest liar and sharpened their daggers to stab Verity!

General Ariel Sharon is not responsible for the so-called "massacres of Sabra and Charila". This is confirmed by official Lebanese reports and eye witnesses who dare not proclaim it openly.

There are in Lebanon elements, foreign in majority, who fight, call for hatred and jihad in order to "throw Israel and the Lebanese `isolationists' in the sea". They join the Palestinians to demand the appearance of Ariel Sharon before a tribunal for "war criminals" because of a battle they falsely accuse him of transforming into a massacre, whereas it was Arafat who staged it from beginning to end and handed it over to the media, after shoring it with the bloodiest pictures his thugs snapped, not only in Sabra and Chatila, but also from the massacres they perpetrated with their Syrian counterparts against our people through many years! If only he had produced the pictures showing the horribly tortured and mutilated bodies of Lebanese, some of whom were even buried alive, only because they militated for the sake of Lebanon instead of Arabity and the Syrians and Palestinians! There is no doubt that the corpses later discovered in common graves around the Palestinian and Syrian encampments are part of the 17,000 "unaccounted for" – understand arbitrarily "kidnapped" by the Palestinian gangs and Syrian Secret Service (cf. President Amin Gemayel's Press Conference following the capture of the Tall Zaatar fortified encampment on August 12, 1976)! Their fate is unknown and their parents still hope to learn whether they are still alive or, if they are dead, where and when were they tortured and killed!

At any rate, in connection with the battle of Sabra and Chatila, the media made no mention of the mass graves, nor of the exact number of the victims, as was broadcast by the International Red Cross on the basis of Lebanese official reports, namely 460 dead, only 328 of whom were Palestinians. Arafat made the media announce grossly exaggerated numbers! But the 108 Lebanese, will anyone ever dare disclose "who gave the order to slaughter them before the TV cameras"? The remainder of the victims were terrorists of whom 21 were Iranians, 7 Syrians, 3 Pakistanis, 2 Algerians... Concerning these terrorists, has anyone asked what were they doing in the fortified camps of Sabra and Chatila?

Arafat had perfectly cooked his false account of the events in order to prevent Sharon from accomplishing the salvation of Israel and also of Lebanon and the world from terrorism. Nevertheless, Sharon succeeded in smashing Arafat's dream of making Lebanon his "substitute homeland". The acknowledgment of the official Lebanon and the world? A flood-tide of calumny and hatred that are still in a state of ebullition.

We also have documents proving that Arafat was preparing for August 4, 1982, a coup d'État to this effect. But his coup was thwarted by the Israeli military operation of June 6, 1982. The Israelis captured a good deal of the weapons Arafat had mobilized in order to drown Lebanon once for all in the blood bath he had inaugurated at the beginning of the hostilities against us!

No one knew anything of these horrors! And only Arafat's version of the Sabra and Chatila tragedy was broadcast and no one dared to expose it as false!

In this connection, we can only bow in admiration before the prestidigitator Arafat who, for half a century, was spreading terrorism throughout the world, forcing everybody to call it heroism and turning our truths into falsehood, and his falsehood into truths, and was able to reverse the roles by exonerating his thugs who terrorized the world, and incriminating instead Ariel Sharon, the only statesman who realized that the salvation of his country and the world could not be achieved without the salvation of Lebanon! What an "exhibition" of jugglery Arafat's petrodollarized wand has accomplished! He has even recruited in 1982 the representative of the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) in Lebanon – yes, even him! – to invent tens of thousands of civilian Lebanese and Palestinian casualties in order to incriminate Israel. And the magnates of the world press splashed these numbers in extra large letters on the front page. We personally read in an edition of the New York Times of August 1982, the following headline on page one: 35,000 casualties! Then, in small letters, far inside, the number of casualties fell to less than 450! This enabled them to transpose the adjectives of terrorist, assassin... from Arafat and his thugs to whom they rightfully belong and to Ariel Sharon and the Israelis!

All this should enlighten us on Arafat's ascendancy over the Arab and Islamic countries.

In this connection, it is proper to point out that the tragedy of September 11 that struck the United States and the world, while projecting Oussama Ben Laden to the front pages of the world media, has relegated the traditional "leaders" of the world, specially of the Arab and Islamic world, to inside pages and small print. It has above all revealed how freely they have used and abused of the often contradictory interpretations of the Koran, and other Islamic dogma, to justify the terrorist, but highly efficient methods, they turned into a standard procedure to use against their enemies, and even more readily against their own subjects, in order to remain in power as the "heroic" leaders, indispensable for the triumph of the "Cause". And chiefly to destabilize all those who stand in their way. Consequently, they find it normal to direct their terrorist activities against all men, and more particularly against their neighbors. But when the UN Security Council enacted Decision 1373 requesting all the UN member States to challenge terrorist organizations and gangs as well as the States that assist them, the world was faced by a unanimous uproar from the Islamist countries and more particularly from the Arab States. They invented exceptions to support their terrorist organizations – in particular the Lebanese Hezballah, the Palestinian "organizations" quartered in Syria, and those subordinated to Arafat –: to them, this is "jihad", i.e. the dogmatic, legal and universally accepted combat of the oppressed against the oppressor in order to recover their rights and their usurped land. Believing this will exculpate them, these regimes have all the trouble in the world to justify their less than lukewarm adhesion to the camp of the civilized nations fighting terrorism. The Lebanese politicians for example, acknowledged stooges of Syria and Iran, refused to block the accounts of Hezballah, who carries arms and will continue to do so in order to liberate the "Hamlets of Cheba'a" still under Israeli occupation!

Yet it is well known that Israel never sought to occupy a single inch of Lebanese territory. This is what its leaders have never failed to proclaim. It was the terrorism which Arafat rendered international since the sixties – i. e. some 15 years after the 1948 armistice – that set out, from its base in Lebanon, to demolish and assassinate within Lebanon, Israel and the rest of the world, that forced Israel to treat us as an enemy. Since then Hezbollah – just like the Palestinians had done before him – constituted in South Lebanon a State within the State which they also extended to the southern suburbs of Beirut and to the Beqaa. When it was created, Hezbollah had openly declared that his aim was to turn Lebanon into an Islamist State on the Iranian model!

But then one might ask, what is the Lebanese regular army for – which is not allowed to be deployed in the South in order not to hinder Hezballah's operations –, and moreover what objection is there to recuperate these hamlets through negotiation, by providing the UN with the necessary documents it requires proving that they are Lebanese, hence relevant of Decree 425 and not Syrian, hence relevant of Decrees 242 and 338, whose implementation is suspended for the time being? Similarly, what prevents Arafat and his gang from curbing Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc., in order to sit again at the negotiation table? Israel, under the Barak government, conceded to them almost all their requests, but they refused. And now the Sharon government repeatedly calls in vain for the cessation of terrorist acts in order to resume the negotiations! In answer, all the Arab and Islamist countries, adopting the "Holy Jihad" argument, yell in unison, that if there is terrorism in the world, it is because the West supports Israel's "State terrorism"! Adding – Hezballah in the lead –, that "their aim is to liberate the Golan and all of Palestine, including Jerusalem and eventually throwing out all the Jews – and Christians – from the holy land of Islam" and reconstitute the Palestine prior to 1948... And what do they want from Israel? Total destruction. And with Lebanon? His Christians – who are no more than 27% of the population, whereas by the middle of the XXth century, they were about 60% must leave. The same applies to the Christians of the former Palestine who now represent 2% of the population whereas they were 15% a few years ago. It goes without saying that the Israelis drove them away. And in Lebanon from which the Lebanese Jews were expelled, should we accuse these Jews of the forced departure of the Christians? That is what they are doing, since the Arabs – and in particular the Christians in the Arab States – are in the habit of blaming the Jews, and subsequently, Israel of every evil that befalls the world. This is equivalent to block for them every possibility of approach to Christ. And if the Christians stubbornly wish to remain, they have to accept total submission: and that is what is now happening. Even Patriarch Sfeir had to say a short time ago (November 2001), to our great dismay, that Hezballah is a Resistance and not a terrorist organization. Did he say that to avoid the reprisals by Hezballah against the Christians in South Lebanon and elsewhere, who, since 1990 are completely disarmed whereas Hezballah assumes at present the role of the Army which is now all but neutralized and even that of the government.

Moreover, none of the politicians and prelates of the world dotted the i's in proclaiming that Christ is not – as the Islamists, not Islam teach – one of the prophets who paved the way for the last of the prophets: Mohammed, and that this "Islamic Jerusalem" they call for, was and is the land of Jesus and David, his ancestor.

Anba Shnouda, the Pope of the Copts recently proved to Islamists come to convert him to Islam, by quotations from the Koran, that the Christ-Issa, as presented by Mohammed himself, is not far from the Christ-Jesus of the Christians! And that they themselves disparage him in order to wage against him a continuous war. (Cf. a dialogue published in a Coptic magazine and reproduced in the Ad-Diar Lebanese daily.)

Furthermore, no one ever asked the Syrians, who shout themselves hoarse in order to classify Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad under the appellation of Resistance, why they, who forcibly occupy Lebanon since 1976, imprison all the Lebanese who militate for their departure? (Previously, it was kidnapping and torture for these "enemies" of the "brother and sister" that are, for the politicians, Lebanon and Syria.) Moreover, since Syria and Egypt are sisters, why, in the Nasser era, did the Syrians drive out the Egyptians by an insurrection? And the Kuwaitis are they not also the brothers of the Iraqis? Then why did Syria join the camp of those who expelled the Iraqis from Kuwait?

Our officials no doubt ignore that true brotherhood rests on common principles and a common civilization, not on the spoliation of a State by another.

Similarly, how can we justify the "fratricidal" Islamic wars in the world: the massacres in Algeria, the Taliban oppression of their Afghan subjects that is threatening 6 to 8 million innocent civilians with starvation, instead of collaborating with the whole world who ask for nothing more than to come to their aid? These fanatics prefer to terrorize, rape, kill... so that – they say – Islam can prevail. And what about the slaughter of Christians in Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria... We can also mention so many other Islamists militating all over the planet to Islamize it, but who spread everywhere nothing but destruction and death... Everywhere, we perceive not the touch of Israel and the Christians, but that of Arafat and his offsprings: Ben Laden and the Benladenists.

Let us remark in this connection that Arafat has done everything possible in order to profit from the September 11 disaster. He rushed to support the United States, less moved by virtuous ideals than to cut off Ben Laden who threatened to steal away from him his "primacy" over the Arab and Islamists, and subsequently deprive him of their petrodollarized manna which allows him to retain the leadership of terrorism not only in the Middle East, but also in the world. Indeed, Arafat leads the world by the nose through the bridle of the media that brainwash public opinion and politicians in his favor!

May the Lord give the valiant President George W. Bush His Light, His Verity and His force in order to save his country and the world of Ben Laden, and especially of his father, Laden (Arafat), to whom not a single Arab or Islamic ruler dared, still dares, to say NO!

May the Lord help him to support us when we say to the Arabs: Stop supporting Syrian presence in Lebanon as well as the sham Lebanese politicians who support them and help us to disarm Hezballah so that we may live with them in peace and harmony, instead of in fear and anguish; and settle the Palestinians in your countries so that we, and they, could find peace. And, instead of squandering your billions of dollars to destroy us and the world, spend them to provide these "brothers" in Arabity with a home and a deserving and prosperous life in the Arab territories that are in need of inhabitants and man power. In the meantime, our ego-politicians, cowardly when the interest of their subjects is at stake, and intrepid in the service of their enemies, bawl louder than anyone else: Let Israel take them!

Is it conceivable that Israel, now enduring the presence of a million and a half Palestinians (i.e. 20% of its population) on its soil, many of whom are hostile, could accept to receive any more, knowing that in the year 2050, they will multiply to reach 70% of its population? (Cf. ‘Le Monde’-‘Proche-Orient', 9/2/2001).

Certainly not! Israel is conscious that the slogan "right to return" can only mean submerging it in numbers and "throwing it in the sea"!

Moreover, the civilized world, in admiration before Israel, for becoming in so short a time a pioneer in civilization, technology and military power, will never abandon him, especially when it realizes – although quite late – that some of Israel's neighbors excel only in terrorism and destruction!

The civilized countries will perhaps realize one day that an inch conceded by civilization to regression, will result in the retreat of civilization everywhere, even in the "civilized" countries.

In this connection, one may ask why Yasser Arafat, an Arab Moslem, does not solicit the Arab Moslem countries to receive warmly their Arab and Moslem "brothers" who do not enjoy the well-being civilization affords, instead of lavishing upon them weapons and thugs to destroy and kill? But would Arafat and the other terrorist leaders want that? No, this is of no importance to them. They want to expel the Christians and the Jews from all the Region – including the Holy Land – which they occupied before the Arab invasion, and close their chapter before proceeding to the islamization of the rest of the world.

Consequently, the Palestinians risk remaining in Lebanon forever! That is what Riad Solh, the hero of our Independence, declared in 1948 to Bechara El-Khoury, the then President of the Republic and in vain attempted to convince him of the need to distribute them among the Arab countries!

Profiting from the weakness of the Chief of State at that time, the Palestinian refugees camped in and around our cities. Expelled from Lebanon in 1982, our politicians accepted to have them return from Tunis fully armed, and allowed them to re-occupy all the strategic locations in Lebanon. (Cf. Annex III.) And little by little their sting became so powerful as to become insolent towards our rulers who, between threats and hush-money, bowed down and submitted to them.

How did all this happen? Is "Arafat's cheque book", as usual, to blame? Worse: It is his conspiracy which seems to be supported by the world!

Yet everyone knows that, at the time when Arafat "governed Lebanon" – pending the time when he can swallow him up – as he often boasts, the whole world, starting with the Arabs, competed at offering him financial, political and media support, apparently against Israel, but in reality against Lebanon first, and then the world. And now the Palestinians, back again and fully armed, are renewing their demonstrations in the heart of our capital, dragging our children away from their schools to the streets to urge the world to a jihad in support of their so-called "sacred cause"! The tragically comical in all this is that Lebanon is the only country in the Region, that made of its children scapegoats. They join the Palestinians in burning US and Israeli flagsrespectively the "first and second devils" –, pollute our atmosphere with their hatred, ruin us and assassinate our children; they turned again to rape and lacerate our nuns – including Sister Marie-Antoinette Zaydan (in December 2000) – murder our religious dignitaries – after Cheikh Hassan Khaled, the Mufti of the Republic, it was the turn of Cheikh Nizar Halabi, the spiritual leader of the Ahbach, Cheikh Taha Sabounji, the Mufti of Tripoli, who narrowly escaped death –, and even our judges – four of whom were gunned down in their court-room in Saida!... – and still no one dares to utter a word of censure against the Palestinians! On the contrary, they speak and write in support of their so-called cause without restraint, and the media jump, not only from the "Gulf to the Ocean", but all over the world to deplore the fate of every Palestinian who suffers the slightest injury, always representing him as the innocent victim, whereas they drop a curtain over the massacres they committed in Lebanon since 1973, and still commit: in Damour (1100 martyrs), Tripoli (700 martyrs in May 1976), Beirut, Zahleh, Qa'a, the Chouf, the littoral and the mountains, etc., where tens of thousands of men, women and children were tortured and slaughtered without pity!

But what had the Lebanese done to deserve their criminal fury? They sheltered the Palestinians in their homes, satiated them and considered them – alongside the Syrians and other Arabs – as brothers! And in return, we are forced to see the faces of fugitive criminals like Abu Mehgen, Abul Aynayn and so many others, who were duly convicted and condemned to death for innumerable crimes, roam freely anywhere they like and have their faces splashed almost daily on our TV screens, whereas these screens are denied to our worthy citizens!

This is the price that our ego-politicians, who proclaim themselves "brothers" of the Syrians, Palestinians and other Arabs, make us pay. They abuse of the force of power and money to imprison our children, torture and murder them, here and in Syria, because they "dared" defend the rights of the Lebanese. These ego-politicians do all they can to achieve the dream of Arafat, the Arabs and the Islamists, namely: wipe Lebanon, even before Israel, off the map! And to take possession once for all of all the Holy Land, the land chosen by Christ – Son God and heir of the Land of David, His ancestor –, to be His land. They still proclaim it Holy Land, but of Islam, pending the Islamization of the rest of the world!

Wasn't it to please them that Amin Gemayel, then President of the Republic, and Arafat's advocate – who became a multibillionaire – decreed a day of public mourning for the victims of Sabra and Chatila? But neglected to do the same for all our martyrs slaughtered by the Syrians and Palestinians. It was also to please them that he annulled the peace treaty with Israel, called the "May 17 Accord" although almost unanimously ratified by Parliament (on 15/5/1983), and the Lebanese people, even in the localities with Moslem majorities, like Nabatiyeh, had received the Israeli troops with showers of rice and flowers?

In application of the evangelical criterion of criteria (Mt 7:16): It is by their fruits that you will be able to tell them, may we venture to ask the following questions:

1– What were the fruits of the annulment of the May 17 Accord? An increase in destruction, massacres and sorrow; the collapse of official institutions up to 1988, when the reins of power were handed over to General Michel Aoun who was loved by the people for his piety, his culture, his probity, his patriotism and the fact that he differed from the apparatchiks so completely that hundreds of thousands of persons used to march every day on the Presidential Palace to join him in requesting Syria's withdrawal and to declare the so-called Taef Accord unconstitutional. We ourselves rose against this Accord which proved to be disastrous for Lebanon. Other militants did the same, in particular the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars, and to reward them, their chief, "Etienne Sacre" (Abou Arz), all the honorable Lebanese await him impatiently, was condemned to death. And what was his crime? He never betrayed his country by word or deed, but continuously worked for peace and for the departure of all armed foreigners from Lebanon! Let us also mention the National Liberal Party, whose opposition to this Accord caused the assassination of its gallant leader Danny Chamoun and his family. At present, his brother, the engineer Dory Chamoun resumes the struggle, heedless of the dangers facing him... This course was also followed by the National Bloc and many other militant parties. And above all, we must not forget the late President elect Bachir Gemayel who paid with his life his quest to see the Syrians and other foreign occupants leave Lebanon. In the Press also there were valiant militants and martyrs from all religions, including the late President of the Press Syndicate Riad Taha... And among the members of Parliament we must not forget the gallant stands of Dr. Albert Moukhaiber, the late Abdo Ouaidate... and many martyrs, including President of the Republic R. Moawad and Prime Minister R. Karamé... And our students today, just as yesterday, face grave dangers – including prison and torture – in their militancy against this evil Taef Accord and those to whom it has delivered Lebanon.

We must not forget either the hundreds of non-Lebanese martyrs, slaughtered on our soil for having spoken or served the truth. Among them writers and journalists and eminent politicians : the French Ambassador Louis Delamare; the United States Ambassador Francis Meloy (1976); the CIA officers based in the Middle East, including their chief; and especially the US Marine contingent: 241 dead, 112 wounded; the French Paratrooper contingent: 58 dead, 15 wounded. According to the French newspaper "Le Quotidien de Paris", 12/11/1983, Adnan Assad, President Hafez Assad's cousin, was the assassin of the Marines and the Paratroopers. The terrible news passed almost unheeded even in the American and French media. The silence of the world regarding this terrible information struck the Lebanese with consternation, while the world media were soaked during six months with the so-called massacre of Sabra and Chatila. Isn't it normal that such a behavior, on the part of the West, prompts the terrorists to intensify their evil deeds of terror? And is it surprising, such being the case, that Arafat and Assad engendered a Ben Laden who dared to attack New York and Washington?

2– And because our people have consumed of the rotten fruit of the Taef Accord, we are entitled to ask will those who were responsible for this Accord, concluded outside Lebanon to serve foreigner interests, cease to invoke it? Happily, His Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch Sfeir, who at first accepted it to stop the cannon pounding, has recently started to denounce its pitfalls, in the name of the Lebanese, here and in America. Let us hope he will continue to denounce it and cease to demand its implementation! His Beatitude the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Hazim, has often repeated – and induced others to do so – that "we were here, on this land, before all the others, and the others are our guests!" And how can we forget His Grace Mgr. Elias Audeh, the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Beirut and Coastal Phoenicia, whose defiant voice is impregnated with a genuine divine Spirit and the true commitment to the Lebanese and Lebanon, and His Grace Mgr. Bechara El-Ra'i, who raises high the standard of Verity? There is also a host of dignitaries who call for the implementation of the only acceptable UN Security Council Resolution, the 520, which stipulates the withdrawal of all non Lebanese troops and militias from Lebanon!

Hasn't the time come for our politicians to think, at least once, of the interest and the welfare of their country, and so seek piously and lovingly a remedy to the poverty, the sorrow, the forced emigration of their subjects; and borrow from our intrepid militants – thinkers, e.g. Joseph Tawk, Habib Younes, Claude Hajjar, Oussama Ayyoub... and so many students imprisoned, and some are even threatened with a sentence of life imprisonment or even the death penalty! None of them had the courage to tell the Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Bengalis, Algerians, Ben Laden thugs... and all the terrorists spread out all over Lebanon: "You have drowned us with your 'good turns', but now we are fed up! Enough is enough! Go away."

Lebanon, with an area of only 10,452 km2, has to support, in addition to his people, two million Syrians, Palestinians and other foreigners, and yes, who would believe it, to naturalize half a million paupers.

And if we wish to elaborate, we could say that Lebanon's 10,452 km2 is equivalent to 1/9 of Jordan's area (92,000 km2), 1/18 of Syria's (185,000 km2), 1/42 of Iraq's (343,000 km2), 1/96 of Egypt's (one million km2), 1/163 of Libya's (1,760,000 km2), 1/205 of Saudi Arabia's (2,150,000 km2), 1/227 of Algeria's (2,380,000 km2), etc. And most of the Arabs refuse to sell us even one inch of their immense land, while our government is concocting new laws to sell, sell, sell them our tiny land!

When will our politicians resolve to annul the laws allowing the sale of our land and the naturalization of foreigners? But instead, our ego-politicians rack their brains to invent justifications to sell more of our land, already too small for our people to foreigners, and to naturalize hundreds of thousands of persons who do not deserve it, yet come from countries having vast areas, while refusing it to those who have a natural right to it. Haven't they naturalized many more Palestinians than we could bear before this criminal decree by which between 350,000 and 500,000 persons were naturalized wholesale – by family, hence the exact number of persons naturalized is undisclosed? Many of the naturalized carried arms against the Lebanese! They secretly piled upon this criminal decree the naturalization of some 70,000 additional Palestinians! Which official in any country would allow himself to commit such a crime against his people, especially when the area of his country is only 10,452 km2, and has to support 2 to 3 million foreigners in addition, hence a number superior to that of its own resident citizens? Are we alone among the Arabs and self-styled Arabs responsible for them? And the 2 million Syrian who enter our unprotected country to reside illicitly, don't they have a country of their own – which, by the way, is 18 times larger than Lebanon – to need the Lebanese nationality? Should we consider anyone who crosses our unprotected borders and resides here illicitly a few years as having acquired rights to our nationality?

In his above mentioned speech (of 20/7/1976), President Hafez Assad confirmed – for the only time! – that our war was not Lebanese-Lebanese, or sectarian, but a Lebanese-foreigners war. And that is what we never ceased to affirm, while our worthy prelates demand the granting of the nationality and the right to vote only to those of Lebanese origin (including the families of our women married to non-Lebanese...), and the right to vote to those who happen to be overseas, as is done in all the civilized countries. This implies that all the foreigners who taxed the Lebanese war as a civil war, i. e. the Syrians, Palestinians and their associates – as well as all those who adopted their position, not ours, which is that of our nation – actually exerted every effort to render it civil! Nevertheless, all those who knew the truth called it a Lebanese foreigners war, starting with His Beatitude Alexis II, Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, who declared during his visit to Lebanon: "We pray God for the withdrawal of those who started this war, wrongly called civil but which in reality is from the outside..." (Balamand, 6/10/1991). As well as prominent non-Christian Lebanese who paid with their lives their courageous intervention, headed by Prime Minister Riad Solh, the Mufti of the Republic Cheikh Hassan Khaled, Kamal Bey Joumblatt and a cluster of Moslem and Druze dignitaries.

Are all of these not the rightful heirs of Fakhr Eddin the Great, founder of modern Lebanon, much more than most of today's paltry politicians, supposedly Christian, but who jump on every occasion to proclaim Lebanon and Syria's "oneness of track and destiny", whereas they fully realize that, by their declarations and behavior, Lebanon is no more the master of his destiny, and "doesn't even belong to himself and to his citizens any more"!

Moreover, in his above mentioned speech, President Assad complained that about a million persons, almost half of whom were Syrians, sought refuge in Syria to escape the war in Lebanon. Elaborating, he said that these refugees included 500,000 Lebanese, 150,000 Palestinians and 500,000 Syrians who were working in Lebanon – whom, it seems, he considered coming from a country that belonged to them! At any rate, that is undoubtedly what he means when he openly declares that "Lebanon and Syria are a single people in two countries!" It is obvious that he expects – and has waged hostilities against us often enough to realize this aim –, that they will eventually become one country! Assad who refused to naturalize the Lebanese and Palestinian refugees, has nevertheless found this number – equivalent to 1/9 of his population – enormous, and reminded that India waged war to expel the 10 million Bengalis who sought refuge within her borders, whereas their proportion did not exceed 1/60 of the Indian population! But Assad did not find cumbersome the presence of 2 to 3 million foreigners in Lebanon, of whom 1,850,000 are Syrians (Publications of the Lebanese National Security, quoting the Central Office of Statistics; cf. L'Orient-Le Jour of 16/11/2000, p. 3) which amounts to a proportion of more than one Lebanese to two foreigners since our population was, in 1997, 3,704,000. Nor did he find these numbers cumbersome when he forced the marionette politicians of Lebanon to naturalize some 500,000 more.

Yes, indeed, Assad knew what to do in order to turn Lebanon into a miserable, vassal district of Syria, whose politicians serve at the expense of their own interests!

Milan Kandera wrote: "In order to annihilate a people, one starts by removing his memory, destroying his books, his culture, his history. Then someone else will write for him other books, will give him another culture and invent for him another history. Thereupon, this people will begin slowly to forget who he is and who he was." (Quoted by Roland Beguelin et Alain Charpilloz, in their book: Les racines de l'unité jurassienne. Les minorités latines de Suisse sont-elles condamnées ? Collection « Liberté », edited by Rassemblement Jurassien, 1982).

This is how Arabity is working against us since our politicians forcibly affiliated us to it. They send us every day "specialists" to drown us in it a little more and deprive us of our true identity... The gravest crime committed consists in striking out our great authors from the school curricula and textbooks in order to side-track our history, and say, our patrimony, which is the most admirable in the world – and who does not realize that to wipe out a people from existence, you erase his memory, that is his patrimony, and give him another one. Even worse, was their encouraging the sale of our land in order to arabize it. And the wholesale naturalization of hundreds of thousands of persons, wasn't it carried out in order to drown our cultural entity in theirs? So many of our particularities and our values were corrupted in order to destroy Lebanon.

All the countries of the world and the Region have established relations with Israel, either concluded, or are in the process of concluding, peace treaties with him. Only Lebanon is condemned to suffer exaction, sorrow, emigration! And his ego-politicians, always ready to obey blindly the orders dictated to them, refuse any beneficent, independent and free initiative for their people! And in the end, Lebanon will be required to renounce to his identity and be drowned in Syria, Iran and Palestine! This is our politicians' contribution to the realization of the conspiracy. In their eyes, all our sacrifices and the lives of some 100,000 of our martyrs, citizens and fighters, and thousands of handicapped, widows, orphans... weigh nothing against the "assistance" consented by our executioners whom we must "thank" eternally, instead of disparaging and expelling them for having slaughtered, destroyed and impoverished us and done everything possible to corrupt our values which they continue to corrupt. And above all, for profaning everything we hold sacred, and because they continue to seek to deprive us of a good and peaceful life!

Do the rulers of Lebanon, who forced him to proclaim his arabity – whereas History tells us that he is Lebanese (Annex V) –, realize that Arabity has turned him into a battlefield where most of the Arabs discharge their rancor against each other and settle their conflicts – always careful not to settle them permanently –, while seeking at the same time to wipe our Lebanon off the map? Are they aware that not a single bullet was fired against Israel from any other Arab country, especially not from the Golan. Nor was a Syrian bullet fired to defend Lebanon from the country they all call "enemy": Israel. That the Syrians never allowed any Palestinian to throw even a pebble across their border against Israel, whereas they continue to throw plenty every day across our border? In the meantime, all the Arabs, including Syria and Arafat, are negotiating with Israel – and H. Assad even ventures to negotiate on our behalf with Israel, and we have to accept blindly any decisions reached! It is obvious that he was serving only his interest! He wanted both the Golan and Lebanon. But when President Clinton rejected his bid, the war in Lebanon broke out again! Yes, of all the Arab and so-called Arab countries, only Lebanon is forbidden to negotiate in order to determine his fate or even to choose freely his mode of living, of thinking and of belief!

For how long will our people accept to obey such rulers and carry their yoke?

Are we saying all this because we hate the Arabs and reject their fraternity? No, not at all! We wish peace and well-being for all mankind, Syrians and Palestinians included, for we hate no one, and our catchword is Love. But have we not the right to defend Lebanon in the name of all the Lebanese, and the right to live in abundance and peace? Have we not the right to rid ourselves of the fraternity of whoever wishes to deprive our people of these rights – and that is exactly what some of the Arabs have been doing through Syria this past half century – and choose brothers, Arab or not, among the countries and peoples who uphold our rights, aid us to recover them when they are despoiled, and anchor these people in our hearts while we seek to achieve to Lebanon prosperity, sovereignty and happiness?

The West sided with the thugs assaulting Lebanon, the cradle of civilization, against those who were fighting to save this civilization, whereas it was at the same time sending the pick of its youth to fight for Kuwait and Kosovo!

Europe and America did worse: After the Syrians and Palestinians assassinated President-elect Bachir Gemayel from whom the Lebanese were expecting their deliverance, the West did not even bother to discover who were the assassins! Thereupon, our Western "friends" thought it best to deliver Lebanon to Syria that, by applying the Hitler-Stalin type of political assassinations and a stooge government of its making, succeeded in reducing to silence not only the Lebanese, but also the Europeans and Americans despite their loss, by Syrian-Iranian-Palestinian terrorism, not only the Marines and the Paras, but also outstanding personalities! (Cf. American, French and Lebanese archives).

O France whose people we loved dearly and who loved us, what enormous harm have your politicians done us, not only in the recent years, but also throughout many centuries!

Yes, Lebanon to whom the world owes the alphabet, its laws, the bases of literature, of the sciences and the arts, in short, its culture, was sacrificed by the world and left at the mercy of terrorism and considered unworthy of salvation and peace. They all helped the foreigners who still terrorize us, backed by traitor politicians, to abort all the salvation operations, while the West looked the other way. Everywhere, the Press crammed its pages with tales of horror every time Sabra and Chatila were mentioned, and forgetting that they not so long ago unanimously called them: "the two principal centers of international terrorism"! And only occasionally and with a touch of commiseration, mentioned the Lebanese who were "kidnapped", tortured and massacred in the Syrian and Palestinian fortified camps only because they loved their country and fought for its liberation.

And then, almost suddenly, and as if by magic, the No 1 "godfather" of terrorism, Arafat, cleared of every crime, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

We have written several articles on this subject when we were still permitted to write. But now, after the West allowed terrorism to grow to become a Leviathan with multiple heads, and events have proved how right we were, we join the West in crying – but in silence – over the destruction in New York of the greatest edifices of civilization, that are at once ours and theirs!

Will the West realize that hostility almost always breaks out between civilization and regression that thrives on destruction and death, and woe to those who do not support Civilization? For tortures, massacres, and say all kinds of terrorism, if they are not checked in time, will certainly strike those who, by tolerating them, paved for them the way to explode!

Woe to those who nibble at the land of Progress in order to give them to those who thrive on obscurantism, for upon becoming stronger, they will covet all!

And so, for the past half century, the West has wailed over every Palestinian child who suffered the slightest injury, but remains coy before the thousands of Lebanese children terrorized, impoverished, made orphans, forced to leave their country in search of shelter and subsistence! No one ever reproved the odious murder of our children, including the little Maya Bachir Gemayel, whereas President Clinton himself shed tears over one of their children – whom they throw in the tussle as human shields to soften the hearts of the world! –, making sure that thousands of articles are published about it in the international press.

And we wonder how come the West has never censured the Palestinians for throwing their children in the thick of the battle, knowing full well that they are exposing them not only to death and physical disability but to what may be even worse: psychological problems and illnesses!

And so many people still wonder whether they should we side with President George W. Bush and his allies in their combat against terrorism, or condemn his war?

Eusebius of Caesarea, in his biography of Constantin, tells us that, on the eve of the decisive battle with his rival Maxentius, he saw a cross of light appear in the sky and heard a voice saying: "With this sign you shall prevail !" And he did. Victorious, he was able to reunify the Empire, establish religious liberty (Edict of Milan of 313) and rescue the Christians from pagan Roman terrorism.

Some people might ask: How could Christ side with one combatant against another? Didn't he think of the dead that will fall, of the orphans, the widows and other innocent victims whom the war will kill or make miserable?

Here is our answer: Christ knew that God alone is the first and last aim; whereas we, simple mortals, are secondary aims that must join hands to enable Verity to win, because it alone is concomitant with the Absolute Aim.

And our South, what has his people done to be condemned to remain in need, fear and suffering? The day when a company of Pasdarans (Iranian militia) founded the Hezballah, its Lebanese partisans openly declared that their aim was "to make of Lebanon an Islamic State on the Iranian model" and everyone knows what this implies!

After bowing in homage to our martyrs – including those of our South since they all died for the Lebanon they were taught to cherish more than life itself – we may ask the Pasdaran founders in what way does Christ disturb them that they want to expel him from Lebanon? And more particularly from our South, his Upper Galilee, the greater part of His Land, the land in which he chose to live, to teach and heal? And the Koran, hasn't it glorified Christ saying he is "the Word of God thrown in Mary and his Spirit (Koran, 4, 171)? Have they decided to erase from the Koran the verses concerning Christ?

And let us say that, when the Arabs invaded our land in the VIIth century AD, Lebanon-Phoenicia there were 6 to 7 million Christians and some islets of Jews mostly concentrated in the present Israel (cf. Hitti, Lebanon in History, pp. 231, 287). This is the case of the better part of the world that was islamized, generally by the sword! At present, the Arafatists and Benladians are scheming to islamize the rest of the world.

Facing all this, what is the West doing?

Not one of the officials of Lebanon and the world raised a finger to thwart this terrorist onslaught. As far as our officials are concerned, Christ is no more than an instrument to attain power, while the West's Christianity, is fast becoming pagan. The result is an ethical regression all over the world. The fact is that nowhere, not even in the schools, are they teaching any more the Prophets, the Gospels, St Paul's epistles... as literature belonging to a third of humanity, or at least at par with Racine, Goethe, Shakespeare and the Arab authors of doubtful value! Yet teaching Christian authors is equivalent to teaching donation, virtue, Love... Koranic schools pullulate all over the world, propagating Islamic arabity!

But let us return to politics.

After the Israeli withdrawal – none of whose officials declared, neither before nor after the withdrawal that he coveted an inch of Lebanese territory, nor did they set up a settlement on our soil –, why do we continue to attack them? Is it to force them to return to occupy our land for self-protection that Arab aggression from Lebanon justifies? The fact is that their aim is to wipe Israel off the map, and Lebanon, in its present state, should be turned into an Islamist State, vassal of Syria and Iran.

The Syrian press proclaimed on 21/12/2001, that "Lebanon will be the grave of Ariel Sharon". The caricaturist Pierre Sadek alone answered the next day: "Why not Syria"? Indeed, those who insist to continue the war at all cost, why don't they transfer the battlefield elsewhere? To the Golan, for example?

And the Hamlets of Cheba'a, does Syria accept to present the United Nations with an official document recognizing their appurtenance to Lebanon and thereby allow him to claim them legally? And what objection is there for our recovering them by negotiation? And for deploying our Army in the South, thereby allowing every Lebanese to feel that the South belongs to him now and forever?

Just as it is natural for a father, having several children, to divide his property between them, so did the children of Adam, Noah and the other Patriarchs divide among themselves the "Land of El", at present subdivided into several countries. Nevertheless, some of these governments covet all the land. They seek to appropriate the parts that do not belong to them and are characterized by different cultures. And if we were to ask history about the position each of these countries occupies on the scale of civilization, it will answer: Lebanon – with his natural extensions that belong to him no more, but which he does not seek to recover since he prefers peace to conflicts between peoples – is the heart of the "Land of El", and his principal cities are generators of civilization (cf. p. 1). And Israel is known as the land of the Holy Writ. But what is the Holy Writ? It is the most important production of world thought. It has two other names: Tora and Bible. Our readers already know that these names are derived from Thor – grandson of both Shem and Ham –, the author of the first Tora, and of his city, Byblos-Gebeil. Moses kept these names. The Bible was the first book to be printed (by Gütenberg in 1456), and by far the book having the world's widest circulation: from the beginning of the 19th century to this date, more than 6 billion copies are in circulation. Moreover, it is the book that is most extensively translated, since parts of it – the New Testament – can be read in 2261 languages. Unabridged, we have it in 383 languages. Frederic Boyer, one of the authors of the recent French translation edited by Bayard, affirms that "the Bible is originally the most formidable work in history." It was also said: "This work, the most colossal in the world, has conquered the minds of civilized people" and adorns their libraries. "It is the giant production of the human intellect." (Cf "L'Orient-le Jour", of 17/9/2001).

And the great intellectuals ask: "Is it possible to wipe off the map the Bible's two peoples: the Lebanese and the Israeli?

On the other hand, what have the Palestinians contributed to Civilization

Historians affirm that the frontiers of the Palestinians (Philistines), rarely extended beyond the limits of their five cities: Ashdod, Gaza, Askalon, Akron and Gat, and for this reason their country, Philistia, was called "Quintapolis" (cf. Annex VI: Map of the Holy Land). Sometimes the boundaries of this country extended beyond the limits of their cities; at other times it was completely wiped out – as in the days of Fakhr Eddin the Great whose Lebanon extended from Cilicia (Asia Minor) in the North to Egypt's Arish in the South and beyond Palmyra up to the Euphrates in the East, thus restoring to Lebanon-Phoenicia his glorious past. As for the Palestine of the present, it is the creation of the 20th century's international politics that fixed its borders, as well as those of its neighboring States, not according to historical and geographical considerations, but according to the appetites of the major powers of the time – namely, Great Britain and France – who were dividing among themselves the Ottoman Empire (alias the "Sick Man of Europe")! They thus gave a great part of Lebanon-Phoenicia-Land-of-God to his North-Eastern neighbor and another part to his southern neighbor. The British, having forgotten Israel and the "Balfour Declaration" made to the Jews, granted Palestine its share and that of Israel. But when the Jews fought to regain their historical and geographic homeland, Palestine was divided by the United Nations between them and the Palestinians – by politicians ignorant of history – and their borders were haphazardly traced regardless of the need of giving each of the Israeli and Palestinian people a viable country, taking into account the part that rightfully belongs to each.

At any rate, it is regrettable that History remembers from the Palestinians only accounts of destruction, arson and massacres – from the arson of Sidon in the XIIIth century BC (Justin, Hist., Philippi, 18, 3) to the destruction of Ugarit in the XIVth-XIIIth century BC... to the present aggression against Lebanon that all but plunged him in agony... Moreover, they never gratified mankind with a single worthy genius that made for it any significant advance!

Christ and the New Testament never mentioned the Palestinians, whereas Israel is mentioned 2760 times in the two Testaments, 70 in the New Testament alone. Jerusalem is mentioned 950 times, 140 in the New Testament alone. Nor does the Koran mention them or Jerusalem-Qods, whereas it mentions Israel 52 times as a people chosen by God with whom He made an eternal alliance (Kotran, II, 40, 83-84; III, 183, 187; V, 12-13, 70; vii, 69...) And yet Christians and Moslems continue to compete with each other to palestinianize the world, spreading hatred, sorrow and terror!

What have Arafat and his cronies, who, with or without a valid pretext, convene the Arab and Islamic States into a Summit Meeting to proclaim that Palestine, Jerusalem included, is a Moslem land? And we wonder:

Why is the world so keen on delivering the land of the King of Peace and Love to those who believe only in the law of the jungle, of hatred and terror?

With the exception of their politicians, all the Lebanese are aware that what was, and still is, done aims to prepare the Anschluss that will annihilate Lebanon, after taking away every means of subsistence of his people, depriving them of their patrimony and their identity, and forcing those who escaped torture and murder, to emigrate. Thus, our enemies will be able to swallow up the country and manipulate the few people who persist in remaining!

But the worst part is that these enemies are not satisfied with all this!

Before discussing, in a separate text, the diabolical conspiracy designed to do away with Christ by depriving him of his genealogy – as recorded in the Bible, Old and New Testaments, making him David's descendant –, and uprooting him from his terrestrial and temporal bases: Lebanon and the rest of his homeland –, we will only say that the "purse of Arafat", constantly replenished with Arab petrodollars, plays a preponderant role in the realization of the conspiracy that will allow him to accomplish the desired Anschluss and swallow up Lebanon, heart and brain of Christ's homeland, to which he never ceased to give saints abounding in miracles even in the thick of the adversities of the war! St Charbel, St Rafka, the blessed Naamtallah Hardini – not to mention those that are in the process of beatification – haven't they loomed up during the war as true defenders of Lebanon under the standard of Sainthood?

Before the Anschluss can devour Lebanon, and the Syrians, Palestinian and others who covet our land can wipe us out, and the time of regret is past, we adjure you, the notables of Lebanon, our eminent thinkers, and in particular our spiritual leaders, for the love of God, Lebanon and the whole Region, that can only gain if Lebanon recovers his vigor, at least to stop talking about the Palestinians and glorifying their "sacred cause", as if our land is not a sacred land and our cause not the most sacred of all! Do the Palestinians not have enough media bellowing incessantly the slightest harm that befalls them – which in general, is a response to the crimes they committed, and commit, against the others –, and imposing at the same time a blackout on their own crimes? Let us also stop talking of the spiteful Taef Accord, and stress the calamities it brought us, and let us above all stop glorifying the Arab politicians who wish us evil... All this until we can say the whole truth concerning our enemies, and above all, until we can reveal our resplendent Verity and live it!

But what is this Verity? That we love all humans, even those who attacked us, assassinated our kinsmen and wrecked our country. To all of them, we shall reply their malevolence with kindness. But for their welfare and ours, we shall not deliver Lebanon, the Land of God to them! We shall preserve him as God wished him to be since the beginning: a sun radiating good, justice and love for us, for the Region and the world.

But those who hold power in Lebanon, are they capable of accomplishing what can save their country?

In April 1976, we read in the Al-Hawadess weekly that Mr. George Gorse, the French special envoy to try and propose a solution for the conflict in Lebanon, declared as he was leaving: "The politicians of Lebanon are devils and there can be no solution for Lebanon as long as they are in power." This declaration caused such an uproar among our officials that the French government forced him to retract himself and offer an excuse. These same politicians – or their offspring – are still in power. Not only did they prevent us from profiting from the Gorse attempt at salvation, they thwarted every other attempt.

In short, our politicians refuse to face the Truth so that it can free them and free Lebanon. They lie, steal billions from their people openly, and shamelessly accuse each other on the TV of stealing, and instead of being indicted, they send our innocent militants to the courts! Even worse, they deliver Lebanon a little more each day to the Syrians and Arabs and travel all over the world to defend the interests of the occupying forces and place at their disposal all the advantages the civilized Lebanon offers. Luckily, God alone still keeps watch over our Lebanon and supports his valorous defenders who resolutely persist in wishing to save him!

And how we would have wished to love these politicians if they would seek at least once the interest of their people instead of their own and their master's!

Will Lebanon become again free, independent and master of his destiny!

And you, our rulers. wasn't half a century of palestinianization, syrianization and arabization enough, to open your eyes and hearts and awaken your conscience?

Don't you feel, like we do, that our people are fed up with being starved, tortured, jailed, murdered, forced to emigrate?

And you, our distinguished intellectuals, eminent prelates, join us in appealing to the world and to shout at them:



in collaboration with

Alfred MURR.

A memorandum distributed by May Murr, President of the Academy of Lebanese thought to the Patriarchs and Bishops, heads of the Churches of the Middle East on the occasion of the Synod of 20-21 November, 2000, held in Bkerké, seat of the Maronite Patriarcate. This memorandum was revised and developed with the collaboration of Alfred Murr who translated it to French and English. It was redistributed on 7/2/2001.



Annex III


Even before the beginning of the Lebanese-Palestinian war, what the Palestinians called camps had become military entrenchments from which they could sap the bases of the most powerful countries, and how much more Lebanon that their terrorism had effectively undermined. Then, after Ariel Sharon had expelled them and the Lebanese thought they were rid of them and their crimes, they returned and reoccupied their earlier positions and status, and once more making of Lebanon a base for international terrorism. And, in order to protect their foundations, they fortified their entrenchments, still called camps, all over Lebanon with terrorist mercenaries to back them in the destruction of Lebanon. But this has not prevented our officials from sitting with them during the meetings of the so-called League of Arab States, and never ceased to pay them allocations which they draw from the patrimony of our children, which the terrorists spend in purchasing weapons to destroy Lebanon...

The Palestinian Camps:

The organization of Palestinian affairs was regulated by the following:


Legislative Decree No. 42 of 30/3/1959, creating an Administration within the Ministry of the Interior;

Presidential Decree No. 927 regarding the application of the Law of reunification;

The Arab Summit Conference of 1964, creating the "Liberation Organization" and the "Army of Liberation";

The rise of the Terrorist Action in 1967;

The cursed Cairo Accord of 1969: "Starting point of international terrorism;

The implantation – the right to return – UNSC Decree No. 194 of 1948.

* * *

The present situation in the "encampments" and other Palestinian agglomerations:

The legal camps (And we wonder if the weapons they contain are also legal?)

Tyre : 1) El-Bass, 2) Borj Chemali, 3) Rachidiyeh, 4) Jall El-Bahr, 5) Chabrikha, 6) Qasmiyeh, 7) Aboul Assouad.

Sidon : 1) Aïn El-Heloueh, 2) Miyeh-Miyeh, 3) Agglomeration of Ancient Sayda, 4) Agglomeration of the railroad, 5) Wadi Zayneh.

Iqlim El-Kharroub : 1) Chehim, 2) Mazboud, 3) Other Agglomerations.

Béqaa : Baalbak : 1) « Wavell », 2) Bar Elias, 3) Nammour Barracks.

Beirut: 1) Chatila, 2) Mar Elias, 3) Borj Brajneh, 4) Dbayeh, 5) Sabra, 6) Daouk, 7) Saïd Ghaouach.

Tripoli : 1) Nahr El-Bared, 2) Baddaoui, 3) – Refugees in the region of Bared, 4) Refugees in the region of Baddaoui, 5) Escapees from Tall Zaatar and Jisr Bacha

Palestinians in Lebanon: 1947-1948, rush of Palestinians to Lebanon.

Number of refugees:

UNRWA statistics : 1951 : 106800, then 120000, then 750000.

Under the Presidency of Fouad Chehab : 400000.

According to a UNRWA partial census the number of Palestinian refugees was 321, 477.

The Palestinians naturalized by the criminal Accord concluded in Taef: 75000 of the 350 to 500 thousand foreigners. (The exact number is unknown since the naturalization was made by families without specifying the persons included, no doubt in order to prevent the Lebanese from knowing their exact number!)

Arab battalions sent to assist the Palestinians in expelling the Lebanese from Lebanon starting in 1960 to date:

Aïn Jalout, Qasmiyeh, Yarmouk... as well as detachments from the Syrian regular army.