In our last call, we explained how the Syrian army is stationing his troops and artillery in the middle and around the civilian populated areas of Beirut and the suburbs. It is true that the Syrian army have evacuated some check-points and positions on the Beirut-Damascus highway, but actually they did not leave their positions in other places completely. The Syrian army pulled out the tanks and heavy artillery from the eastern suburbs of Beirut and Northern Metn to be relocated in previous positions in Southern Metn and the Bekaa valley. In other words, the Syrian army returned their heavy weapons to the 1982 positions except for the Beirut-Damascus highway. As we mentioned before they did not evacuate all their positions in Beirut and Metn areas. In some positions they reduced the number of soldiers in each position and removed the heavy arms.

In light of the recent deadlock in the peace negotiations and the rising tension between Israel and Syria, Lebanon is about to become once again the front line in what seems to be an imminent military confrontation. As always the Lebanese civilians shall pay the heavy price.

Once again we reiterate our urgent call to all human rights organizations to act directly in order to ensure the withdrawal of Syrians troops from the civilian populated areas in Lebanon.

Free World Youth - Lebanon