The Forbidden Peace

Communique from Guardians of the Cedar

The Secretary of State General Collins Powell during his trip in the Middle-East is visiting Syria but not Lebanon. The president of the Lebanese government Mr. Rafic Hariri got upset and announced : "Syria is Syria and Lebanon is Lebanon."

General Powell is not visiting Lebanon because he knows that all the Lebanese political decisions are made in Damascus and not in Beirut, so he has all the reasons not to visit Lebanon. For the U.S. administration, Lebanon as a sovereign country does no more exist.

Therefore, we do not understand why the actual prime minister of Beirut got upset, since he says and does what Syria tells him to say and what to do.

In order to get respect from any foreign country, Mr Emile Lahoud and Rafic Hariri should act as real president and prime minister of a country and not as puppets of the Syrians. And while Syria wants and is ready to follow the peace negotiations with Israel, Lebanon has no right to do it. Why ?

How can we explain the fact that the Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations are a good thing for the Middle-East but not the Lebanese-Israeli negotiations?

The Guardians of the Cedars consider that Lebanon should sign a peace treaty with Israel under the auspices of the U.S. Therefore, we need in Lebanon political leaders who believe in their country and who have the courage to act.

In the absence of any peace treaty between Lebanon and Israel, Lebanon will be swallowed by Syria.

There is a place for every body in the Middle-East, especially for those who are acting for the peace and the prosperity of the people of the area.

Dr. Jihad Albani

Member of the Central Committee of the Guardians of the Cedars.