Communique From a Lebanese group!

We, as a Free Lebanese group, in Lebanon (under Syrian occupation), Urge the Israeli government, to take all the necessary steps to prevent the Syrian president, who undeniably supports the activities and aims of Hizbullah, from accomplishing his ominous deeds towards Lebanon and peace in the region. We are completely convinced that you will not commit yourself to any policy that would jeopardize your allies in South Lebanon and consequently the prospects of a strong Lebanese-Israeli alliance in the future. Otherwise, Israel will lose its moral conscience towards the world and more importantly towards itself.

The time has come to put an "END",and together stop all these massacres perpetrated against our two people; and to stop this International Masquerade, misleading the Public Opinion by convincing it that Peace in the Region, can be signed between Those who want Peace and those who don't believe in the very existence of neither the State of Israel, nor the State of Lebanon. (ref. declarations of the Syrian President, Minister of Defense and Minister of Educ.)

We can assure, the Israeli People and Government, that as soon as the Lebanese will be Free of the Syrian occupation, the Lebanese "People" will sign and live in Peace with the People of Israel.

Free Lebanese Group,