The Threat
(Statement from Lebanese human rights activistas)

In all our meetings we were asked about the response of the Lebanese officials to the problem of the Lebanese who are detained in Syria. This incident is a clear and direct explanation to the response of the Lebanese Authorities:

On Thursday May 28, at 12:00p.m. Ghazi from S.O.L.I.D., received a surprise visit from Major "PAUL SARKIS" of the Lebanese Army Intelligence. He came asking about the letter that we wrote to President Chirac on the occasion of his visit to Lebanon and then moved to questions about our work on the file of the detainees in Syria and who are the NGO's that are working on it, also whether we have any proof that they're detained in Syria.

On Friday June 5(yesterday), at 11:30a.m., the assistant of Major Sarkis came over to Ghazi's house asking about the phone numbers of Mirsad and Dr. Elie Abou Aoun. He gave him only the cellular phone numbers of Kamal and Elie with no other information because they both represent two NGOs that can speak for themselves. Then he said that he came to deliver a Vocal short Message that says:

"It is better for all of you, not to do any Activity that we consider Hostile and could jeopardize our Relations with any Party."

No other explanation was given but it is very clear that these two messages were an indirect THREAT, to put an end to the Lebanese Detainee's File in Syria.

We, Committee of the parents, SOLID, and MIRSAD, would like to reiterate our assurances that the sole objective of the campaign for the Lebanese detained in Syrian Prisons is to bring them back Home.

We welcome the Lebanese Defense Ministry to Join our efforts in this file, but would NOT accept any one to Stop us from our Duties.

Hoping that the two above incidents will remain isolated, we invite all international Human Rights Activists and Supporters to keep an eye on any further developments.

Committee of the parents,
SOLID (Support Of the Lebanese In Detention),
MIRSAD (Multi-Initiative on Rights: Search Assist and Defend).

For any urgent information you can call us or reach MIRSAD, Kamal Batal, at this Mobile No.: 03/610261 .