Palestinian "refugees" in Lebanon!

I have published this document to show how the Palestinians act in Lebanon. As you can see there is no respect shown towards their Lebanese hosts. It wouldn't mean anything to them if they were to drag Lebanon into another war.

Thanks to the Lebanese Foundation for Peace for the pictures and the captions.


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Palestinians throw stones during a demonstration against Israeli forces on the border with
Israel in south Lebanon October 7,2000. Lebanon's Hizbollah group said in a statement
on Saturday that its guerrillas captured Israeli soldiers during an attack along the
Israeli-Lebanese border.

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A Palestinian youth shoots an AK-47 rifle during the funeral of 28-year-old Palestinian
Hasan Hasanei in the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon Saturday, Oct. 7, 2000.
Hasanei was killed by Israeli Army sniper in Yarin, South Lebanon, on the Israeli border.
Lebanese guerrillas captured three Israeli soldiers in an assault with rockets and machine
guns on patrols and border posts Saturday as violence that has rocked the Palestinian
territories for more than a week spread to the Israeli-Lebanese border.