September 12, 2001

President George W. Bush, Jr.
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir,

On behalf  of the thousands of Lebanese people presently in Israel, I wish to express our heartfelt condolences on the overwhelming and immeasurable  disaster that struck the United States of America by  Islamic terrorism.

It is most unfortunate that such terrible loss of life was inflicted on the United States, bringing incalculable catastrophe. 

For a quarter of a century Lebanon has been and remains the victim of such barbarism. The national tragedy of Lebanon is submerged under a Syrian military occupation, de-stabilized by Iranian Islamic fundamentalist subversion, while tottering with the threat of Palestinian terrorism coordinated by  Damascus.  Syria has exiled Lebanese leaders, disbanded its parties, neutralized its judiciary, muffled its press, challenged its national identity, and fabricated a puppet-government in Beirut to try and conceal its brutal oppression of a free people and a liberal country.

An America silent or inactive permits unobstructed support for Hizbullah and the terror-campaign it conducts globally. This is the time for America to lead the world in fighting Islamic terrorism, and eliminating this scourge from the civilized world. As the leader of the free world America has the responsibility to protect not only its own citizens, but all those free nations who look to you for their salvation.

The goal of a Free Lebanon and the right of refugees to return home are consistent with basic American values and the policy heritage of your great country.  United Nations Resolution 520 from September 17, 1982 expressed the intention for the "withdrawal of all non-Lebanese Forces from Lebanon," and the Taif Agreement of 1989 called for the incremental pullback of Syrian forces from Lebanon. Neither of these decisions has been implemented as Syria ignores with impunity  its international obligations.  Let us add that  the American Congress and administration officials have more than once expressed their support for Lebanon's national independence.

We pray that your retaliation for this abomination will match the magnitude of the assault on the free world in general and your nation in particular.

With all respect and appreciation for your suffering, we reiterate our profound sympathy to you in your darkest hour.

Etienne Sakr
President, Guardians of the Cedars Party