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Lebanon is the Land of God. He chose it and He wants it to remain His land. Encouraged by the silence, and sometimes the approval of most of the prelates, every one of the politician’s actions, since 1943, has brought havoc to the House of God in Lebanon, and subsequently, to the Orient and the world.

1– The campaign waged against the law regulating the media – which is part of a comprehensive plot – has proven that, when those who speak for Lebanon wish something and claim for it loudly and with tenacity, they can obtain it and recover their rights, which are snatched a little more every day.

2– It is said in some circles that there remains, with a category of Lebanese, less than 5% of the top and influential public offices, and that there is need for requesting an immediate census of the said offices and, subsequently, the application of the decree called 6/6 bis. For our part, we say that there remains less than 10% of the officials who represent God, Lebanon and conscience, the rest are the stooges of rotten politicians. It is no wonder; therefore, that corruption today is rampant in all the administrative services.

3– The sale of land to foreigners, to the Arabs in particular, has led us to the brink of a catastrophe. The area of Lebanon is 10,452 km2 that is 1/9 that of Jordan (92,000 km2), 1/18 that of Syria (185,000 km2), 1/42 that of Iraq (434,000 km2), 1/96 that of Egypt (1 million km2), 1/163 that of Libya (760,000 km2), 1/205 that of Saudi Arabia (2,150,000 km2), 1/227 that of Algeria (2,380,000 km2), etc.; and most of the Arab countries refuse to sell us an inch of their vast land!

4– The arabization of the scholastic programs, in language and content, has led us to the teaching of a patrimony issued from a very limited desert region of the earth. The officials responsible for drafting the scholastic programs, have rigged out this patrimony with ostentatious titles such as: Arabic Literature, Arabic Philosophy... which not even those to whom it belongs called for. And to quiet those who refuse Arabism, they set out to teach France and a few affiliated European nations. But the Lebanese did not realize that this France is the one issued from the 1789 revolution, that is to say, the atheist France, not the believer France which our people love and by whom they are loved... They have, consequently, turned the Lebanese away from God, Lebanon and the civilized world.

At present, they are busy drafting a unified history textbook – and they will unify it, but on a basis that ignores our patrimony, and therefore on falsehood and the negation of Lebanon – thereby taking a fearful step towards their dream: wiping Lebanon off the map. And the merging of the sectors of the University is but an aspect of the projected integral merging under the aegis of the cultural regression to which we are submitted. In civilized countries, they open schools and cultural institutions, but in our country, they close them, and everyone knows why!

It is urgent to set about lebanizing education, by starting with including the great pillars of our civilization in the scholastic programs, because, through them, we can enter God, Lebanon and civilization to the schools, and subsequently to everyday life.

5– The recent decrees of naturalization brought to Lebanon a calamity: the constitution of an uncivilized State within the State. According to the last census, there are 3,100,000 Lebanese now residing in Lebanon. As for those who were recently naturalized, and are for the most part illiterate, their number officially is 350,000, but their real number is probably considerably higher: 550,000; it is claimed that they were granted the nationality because they have resided in Lebanon for a considerable time, but everyone knows that they profited from the war and our unprotected frontiers to enter our country. All the Lebanese wish their cases to be studied separately – as is done in civilized countries –, after enacting conditions for granting the nationality similar to those used in these countries, least of which is to know fully Lebanon’s contribution to civilization, to the ennoblement of man, and the desire to serve Lebanon, not to enslave him. Then only, they will not constitute a burden to our country that is all the more unbearable, since those who were naturalized add to the ranks of all the non Lebanese who live on our soil, including 1,600,000 are Syrians – 1,100,000 by the avowal of the Sûreté Générale –, not to speak of the Palestinians, especially those who are armed and are still capable to flout the State!

It is necessary to put an end to this situation rapidly. In enlightened countries, the ratio of foreigners to the native population is between 3% and 7%; hence, if the ratio is kept as it now is, Lebanon will surely drown in the slush of foreigners!

6– Many invasions are bearing down their yoke on Lebanon so effectively that they have robbed him of the freedom of political decision, and even of his liberty. As for the politicians – who are often backed by many prelates –, they name only one enemy and request his unconditional withdrawal. Yet they fully realize that if he withdraws, the others will pounce immediately on the evacuated territories. The Lebanese know the reasons for this attitude: the principal one being that the politicians will never request the withdrawal of those to whom they owe their good fortune, for they are loath to leave the offices that allow most of them to embezzle billions!

7– Recently, when it had to return the displaced persons in the South and the West Beqaa to their homes, the government was able to do so within a month. Hence, everyone is wondering why the displaced persons in the Mountain (in particular the Chouf and its coastline) have not, after so many years recovered their homes and lands? How come the officials blame the lack of money to achieve this restoration whereas they squander billions on "projects" which profit only the pockets of the politicians and their stooges, since none of these "projects" can pass without the payment of a tidy "commission" is laid aside to the middleman who arranged it, and without allowing the contractor, a partner in the transaction, to loot a sizeable part of the sum allocated! By contracting the projects by mutual agreement, billions are plundered from the public treasury; meanwhile, the masses live in want, are overtaxed in order to replenish the coffers of the State, and suffer at the sight of their politicians pillaging shamelessly, enlarging the rift between the have and have-nots!

Up till now, the prelates request from the regime only a reform of the Administration; in this, they are like those who would have Nero accuse himself, after accusing the Christians, of burning Rome. Isn’t that, in effect, the case of most of our rulers who, since 1943 are responsible for hurling Lebanon down the abyss? And that is why, their request is lost on deaf ears!

We will not dwell more on subjects on which a whole volume can be written. Besides, there is not one Lebanese conscious of the facts of his country that ignores them. Nevertheless, we wish to stress that we have a few radical solutions. That is why we beseech the prelates and the influential persons who have at heart Lebanon’s interest to stop asking those who have destroyed our country to restore what they have devastated – as have done the world leaders who "cooked" the Taef Accord which reinforced in their seats those who are the cause of all misfortune –, since they know that it is this destruction which has procured them riches, glory and power –, but instead call upon every Lebanese who has at heart the service of God and of his neighbor, to join hands, and together, toil at the reconstruction of Lebanon, for the love of God and of Lebanon.

For the Academy of Lebanese Thought,

The President,

May Murr.

P.M. This memorandum, signed by the Higher Committee of the Academy of Lebanese Thought, was proclaimed in the Maronite Patriarcate in Bkerki before three television stations, but none of them broadcast it.