Commenting on the recent prosecution of members and leaders of the Party, the Australian Directorate of the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars – National Lebanese Movement, issued the following communiqué:

Were it mot for the persistent practice of the so-called Authority in its rashness, tyranny, distortion of facts and aggression against notable Lebanese, we would have preferred not to respond.

It is notorious in Lebanon that the sentences issued periodically by our courts against distinguished people are false and arbitrary, without  true judicial justification or jurisprudence.

 It is also notorious in Lebanon that the prosecution of our comrades in the Party and its Chief, and the sentences issued against them, are motivated by a politically repressive climate imposed by the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, based upon suppression, despotism and the stifling of individual and public freedom.

It is also notorious that the prosecution and the sentences are dictated by Damascus, and the Lebanese Authority in power rushes to legalize them by demanding the military Courts to concoct for them a legal cover. It is also notorious that the Administration has cultivated this arbitrary procedure not only to satisfy its bosses in Damascus, but also to curb the opposition that is growing stronger every day in order to maintain their shaky hold on power.

All this is notorious, but what the present Authority does not know is that these persistent acts of tyranny against the members and leaders of the Opposition are the clear indication of the state of fear and hallucination in which it is floundering. They will result only in weakening her and isolating her more, and gives at the same time the Opposition more power and resolve.

And what the present Authority does not know is that the oppression of a whole population and the jailing of its youth will certainly turn against her when Wrong collapses and Right prevails, and it seems that the fatidic moment is close at hand!

And what the present Authority also does not know is that the methods of oppression, however cruel, tyrannical and varied they are, they will never bridle Liberty in Lebanon, the Land of Liberty!

We have a few more words to say to this so-called Administration: If we are charged with resisting Syrian occupation and its consequence, it is for us a matter of honor which we accept proudly with all the sacrifice it entails... And if patriotism means the subordination to that occupation, then we are innocent of this patriotism and will continue to militate against this occupation until it is expunged.

And to Mr. Habib Younes we say: We salute you, dear comrade and present you with our warmest condolences for the passing away of your father. We stand firm with you, uphold you and assure you that, in your little jail, you incarnate Freedom, Greatness and Dignity to their full extent... Whereas they, in their big jail, incarnate Servitude, Pettiness and Ignominy.

Lebanon, at your service

Sydney, 24/12/2000.