Appeal for help: Tabriyeh Memorial

Dear friends,

The Tabriyeh Memorial is an exceptional and sacred place and we encourage anyone who has the possibility to do their best to help. I have added a few pictures below from my visit a few years ago. Click on the images to see  larger versions.


From: Ghazi R. Aad
To: Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 5:09 PM
Subject: Appeal
Dear All,

17 June 1979, the Tabriyeh memorial site to commemorate our martyrs was inaugurated with 138 cedars planted in the site. In 1995-96, the number of cedars was increased to 400, and most recently 200 more cedars were planted to raise the number to 600. Tabriyeh Memorial has become a large site in need of continuous maintenance and care in addition to water pumps, tubes etc…

Now the cost of this is getting higher and we are in need for a collective 'fund raising' campaign.On behalf of the `Servitors of the Cedars of Martyr – Tabriyeh, I am writing this appeal to ask for your generous contribution. A small token from you will help us keep Tabriyeh a
lighthouse in the darkness of evil indifference to our Lebanese cause.The donation is to be forwarded to this bank account number:

Toni Habr and/or Oubad Zouein
Bank of Beirut, Ein el-Roumaneh branch
account number: 1141135140700

Thank You
Best Regards

p.s. Please forward this appeal to all the people you know who are
concerned with Tabriyeh and not listed here.

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