Urgent call to prevent massacres in Lebanon

The application of UN resolution 425 which calls for the withdrawal of JUST the Israeli army from Lebanon will give total control of the Lebanese territory to the Syrian regime and its proxies, the Hizbollah, Islamic movement and the Lebanese puppet government.

This withdrawal from the south of Lebanon will cause the massacre of hundreds of civilians, allied for the last 14 years with the Israelis to provide security on both territories.

Hundreds of names are listed by the proxies of the Syrian regime for an execution program during and after the Israeli withdrawal. The whole world should be aware of this.

Only the implementation of UN resolution 520, which calls for the withdrawal of all foreign troops, Syrian, Iranian, Palestinian and Israeli from Lebanese territory will provide the following.

    1. Security for all Lebanese citizens in Jezzine and the rest of the South of Lebanon.
    2. Security for all Lebanese citizens in Lebanon and freedom from the occupation of Syria and its proxies.
    3. Security on the border between Lebanon and Israel.
    4. Peace and the end of terrorist activities and hostilities toward Israel.
    5. Independence, democracy and sovereignty for Lebanon.
    6. A total control by the Lebanese themselves on the military, political and social field, like any other sovereign nation.
    7. The power to negotiate in the peace process and to sign a peace agreement with Israel.

This and only this solution is acceptable to all the Lebanese people and has to be supported by all nations. Otherwise the world will be held responsible for any massacre or terrorist action committed on the Lebanese.

The Guardians of the Cedars